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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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groups: a weapon of mass instruction

It has been suggested that there are too many Scientology Independent Facebook or social media groups. In fact there are not enough. Each group is different and therefor attracts a different type of individual. They give a choice and so cater for each type of person including differing opinions. Importantly it assists in differentiating those who are strictly standard tech from those who are not. If there were just one group, for example, there would likely be in fighting regarding the tech and its application from strict standard tech to the many other variations of the tech and squirrels. By having many separate groups this gives scope for everyone to have a say without stepping on the toes of others.

Having said that I would encourage more standard tech groups be started as a way of expanding the possibility of introducing more people into the fold. Standard tech is the technology as researched and developed by Ron Hubbard and when done correctly has a predictable result. It is not designed just to give people wins or make them happy. It is a set series of steps designed to elevate a being up to more awareness of himself and his surroundings and improve or rehabilitate his original beingness and subsequent power.

In terms of the internet having more and more groups would improve our rankings in the search engines as we would

1. Link together
2. Show a vastly improved interest in the subject
3. Gain more 'hits' or visits and potential 'likes' making us a strong overall group of independent Scientologists in the field
4. Be able to train, educate and instruct more people and so swell our ranks

In the second it would also balance the number of 'groups' the church put out to gain more members and money. The big difference here is intention. The Church is out to make money; we are out to improve an individual's well-being.

As Hubbard has pointed out, nothing remains the same in this universe, either one expands or one contracts. This applies to individuals, groups, societies, nations you name it. The answer is to expand, not contract. If one contracts one disappears. Expansion is the answer to survival as a group. If we as an independent Scientology field want to expand and grow we need to have more groups both in the physical universe as well as in the internet universe. If we are to be successful we need to increase and improve our population and spreads the technology around. Make more people aware of what Scientology REALLY is. That way we will survive as a group rather than struggle as individuals against insurmountable odds.

Association of Professional Independent Scientologists Mary Sue Hubbard
Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard the Church and the Freezone
Association of Professional Independent Scientologists

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