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The Future Lies in the Future

A silly little phrase, the future lies in the future. But it is very true. And the creation of the future lies in the present. What we do here and now will determine the sort of future we have.

So what sort of future do we want to have?

I believe that most people would like to have a future where it is safe to come back. Where there is sanity and peace on earth. Where children are taught to be responsible for themselves and to chose a code of ethics and stick by it.

I believe that most people would like to have a world in which there is no longer the vested interest in war and conflict because people are educated enough and higher toned enough not to desire such things in order to feel safe and live.

I believe that most people would like to have a world in which all of us, as humanity, are high toned enough to be responsible for the environment. Where we care for the other dynamics just as much as we care for our own.

I believe that most people would like to have a world in which there are higher motivations than power and money. Such motivations might be duty and caring for others.

I believe that most people would like a future where we can all BE. Where going clear and OT is a common enough thing and where the bridge is an accepted fact and people are progressing steadily along it.

How do we get such a future?

It requires a lot of work as the counter intention to such a world is high and visibly in charge it would seem.

But it is not as difficult as it might appear.

The heavy drape or curtain is held by small, much lighter rings. Remove the rings and the drape falls away.

The 'heaviness' of the world's problems and issues is held simply by the intentions of a few thetans with which others are in agreement through ignorance and apathy driven by past experiences and little education in the realities of life.

How can we change this?

Reality is agreement. The more agreement there is the more real something becomes. The MEST universe, for example, has more agreement than you can throw a stick at and it is certainly persisting and is more real to most people than their own beingness. The current agreement for the future for this planet is not of the best. It currently lies in irresponsibility and not-is-ness. The reality of an individuals beingness is being buried in the enforced reality of MEST.

The lower down the tone scale an individual is the less real the upper levels of the tone scale are going to be for that individual.

He has to be dug out.

While the culture is driving him down the tone scale we have to, somehow, insert a wedge into a crack in that culture to let some light in and to show that there is something else available.

Agreement first as to what future is wanted is a first step. How far into the future are we willing to mock up? 5 years? 10 years? 50 years? A 1,000 years?

Is the future we want as described above in the first few lines of this article?

If so some agreement is needed to put it there. The more agreement we have the more real that future will become real.

How do we advance this agreement?

We sell the sizzle. Not the steak! We need to sell the idea to people but we cannot sell a technology or a philosophy. People are now at a point where they expect sensation, Where they are spectators and a culture where 'it is all done for them'.

In such a culture how do you get people up to the point where they can start to see for themselves?

You have to.

1. Entice them to look, the sizzle not the steak remember?
2. Educate them. In small bites perhaps. Small datum that can be assimilated and is on their reality level.
3. Offer some hope of beingness. Demonstrate and show they can be causative.
4. The Dissemination Formula is still an excellent entrance point for face to face meetings.
5. Showing a comparison between the on source groups in the Freezone and the changed altered original texts by Ron Hubbard is another.

So why should we do this? Who cares about other people? As long as we are ok and have gone free what difference does it make?

It makes all the difference in the world. We have all heard the phase, "No man is an island." All this means is that there is more than one dynamic. Any individual who is only first dynamic orientated is going to end up in trouble. The dynamic of life is split into eight parts. Only operating on one part is going to result in a reduced ability to survive well as only one eighth of survival is being attended to.

Association of Professional Independent Scientologists Mary Sue Hubbard
Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard the Church and the Freezone
Association of Professional Independent Scientologists

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