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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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David Miscavige, A Biography

David Miscaviage

Personal Details
Name: David Miscavige
Born: 30-Apr-1960 Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA Gender: Male Religion: Scientology Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Religion Nationality: United States Executive summary: Leader of the Church of Scientology Became Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center, the effective head of the Church of Scientology, at age 26. Responsible for the organization receiving a religious tax exemption from the IRS in 1993.

Nearest Relatives
Father: Ronald Thomas Miscavige, Sr. (staff musician for Scientology) (called Ron) Mother: Loretta Miscavige (accountant for Greta Van Susteren's law firm) Twin-Sister: Denise Miscavige Licciardi (aka Denise Gentile) Sister: Lori Miscavige Vernuelle Brother: Ronald Thomas Miscavige, Jr. (called Ronnie) Wife: Michele Diane Miscavige ("Shelly")

No school-leaving certificate or professional] training outside Scientology No other School or course or training outside of Scientology.

Historical Record
1972: Started in St. Hill as public.
1974: Converted to Scientology from Catholicism.
1975: Supervisor at the Academy in Philadelphia Org for a few weeks. High School: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (dropped out). He worked as an unlearned stooge before the take over of the Management.
1976: Joined the Sea Org: Commodore's Messenger Organization (CMO), Clearwater, his post was a photo shoot assistant for 1 or 2 months in Clearwater. 1976 he was assistant in external com, Fort Harrison. D.M. explains his post as a comm runner: "You have a communication particle, and i guess you could run, but you basically deliver it to its recipient."
1976 Programs, CMO org: "Getting a series of steps on a program done. You know, if there was a program, more like, you know, an administrator that you would note if the targets were done on a program and if not, basically keep your attention on the program, so attention was kept on the program and it would be completed." (explained by D.M.) and several other posts like Steward serving food.
1976: FLAG MISSION ORDER 1673. I was FMO 1673, working with FMO 1672 (D.M. explains: "A mission is when a group of people are on a set of mission orders to handle a specific situation to ideally achieve a specific end result, and that's their function.") D.M. on one of the mission purposes: "I know it was somebody in the registration department in the flag service org and it had to do with getting several additional watts telephone lines installed."
1976 TELEX OP "I was a telex op. I typed telexes for anybody who had outgoing telexes in the Clearwater building. and numerous other posts in Clearwater" D.M.
1977 he left Clearwater and went to La Quinta, California for two years and became Dir of I&R, Director of Inspections and Reports. CMO, SU (Special Unit). What was this Special Unit? D.M. answers: "Grounds man, engineer, meaning plumber, motor pool, orchard, estate type functions. that's what SU was, at that property". D.M. was off and on this post, maybe a few months.
1977: PROJECT OPS. D.M. explains his post: "you have to understand what a project is. I can give you a little example. for instance, just to take a completely bland example. let's take, for instance, if you had, if somebody had their lawn not mowed and garbage over the yard, and they hadn't been able to handle their own personal property, well instead of going about picking up the garbage and mowing the lawn they might decide they want to improve their area and handle their landscaping, you would break this down into project form so that it could be listed out step by step by step. and there's an example. For instance, pick up the garbage, mow the grass, vacuum up the grass, sweep off the sidewalk next to it those are all individual areas. So the duty of the project ops would be, for instance, a similar example, if there was a project, for instance, to prevent the grapefruit orchard at the base from being frosted in the winter and being sunburned in the summer, you have to paint the bark on the side of the grapefruit orchard because the sun is so intense and you have to get the windmills operational. You would basically see the people responsible for this. it's sort of like a reminder, either they drop it or forget about it; and the idea is either to handle a situation like that or prevent a future one, so the duties, I mean you take the program, you go over and find out if there are any potential bugs in completing this, and if there were, sorting it out, so it was debugged and the project would get done. that's the function of a project op in that position." 1977: Question to D.M.: "Putting aside anything having to do with estates management, what kinds of project ops were you involved with while you were at La Quinta?" Answer by D.M.: "None!"
1978: HCO SECRETARY, CMO AT SU. Beside this he also held a lot of other posts: Camera Chief, JBCIC, Video IC, Action Chief (D.M.: "The Action Chief was in charge of the Action Branch that would handle sea org missions and in the instance of that post, obviously it was related in some degree to SU or in total degree."), CMO SU (D.M.: After a "New property was purchased, at Gilman Hot Springs, seeing that that was set up, That all the roof leaks were handled, that the property was able to be moved into by a crew, such as that."), Project Ops, CMO SU, EPF WHQ, Guard, WHQ, Night Watch WHQ, Instruction, in charge WHQ, and i was a messenger. Next position was Action Chief CMO INT (D.M.: "Get telephones installed, getting intercoms set up on the base, getting mimeo files created, putting together hat packs, let's see, getting the buildings painted, getting a studio built, getting a camera man trained and Running missions, seeing that missions were briefed, seeing that missions were prepped, seeing that missions were fired, seeing that briefing packs were put together, seeing that mission orders were written, arranging transportation. for missionaires?")

What those who personally knew DM had to say:
Vicki Aznerarn, former president of RTC:
Contrary to the claims in his February 4, 1994, declaration Miscavige has struck staff members when they do things he dislikes. In 1981, I witnessed him hitting John Axel, a Sea Org member in the mouth in 1982. Miscavige had two other tall male staff members to back him up when he hit John Axel. This despite the fact that John Axel is a fairly small and very mild-mannered individual. Miscavige also does such things as set up photos of staff members who have fallen into disregard and use them as targets for pistol shooting.

Stacy Brooks:
I witnessed him doing this with the Golden Era Musicians, of which Fernando Gamboa was one of his targets.My office was right across the hall so I heard everything that went on. For the next three and a half hours Miscavige screamed profanities and wild, paranoid accusations at Jim, demanding to know who had sent him to destroy Scientology, was he working for the IRS, was he working for the FBI, what other enemy agents were working with him inside Scientology, etc., etc., ad nausea. I heard Jim repeatedly deny the accusations, and Miscavige's response was to scream at him even more.

David Mayo (former right-hand man of L. Ron Hubbard)
On August 29, 1982, David Miscavige, and others, acting on the orders of L. Ron Hubbard, kidnapped me and subsequently kept me captive and physically and mentally abused me for six months. During this period, David Miscavige, an officer and director of RTC, told me in the presence of Vicki Aznaran, President of RTC, Mark Yaeger, Commanding Officer, CMO INT of CSI that if I ever escaped, he would personally see to it that the resources of the Church of Scientology would destroy my character and reputation internationally.

Andre Tabayoyon (worked at Gold Base):
Mark Fisher, who was severely beaten by Miscavige, repeatedly told Miscavige and others that he did not want to be at the Hemet base. As Miscavige and others beat Mark in my presence, Mark kept saying that his attackers could beat him all they wanted but he still wanted to leave. Finally, Miscavige expressed his contempt and disgust at Mark and left the guard house where Mark was being held.

Jesse Prince:
In the security check Dave made sure he told me about the trips to the casinos, the heavy drinking and the women he and Pat had enjoyed together. Dave freely confessed his sins and Pat Broeker's sins as well. He said if he was going to go down, he was going to make sure Pat Broeker went down as well. He was very critical of Pat, saying he had a long history of alcohol abuse and recklessly spending LRH's money. Of course, the person who received the report of Dave's sec check was Pat Broeker. So it didn't surprise me a bit when Dave and Pat suddenly became best buddies again. I seriously doubt that anything but reports full of glowing praise for Dave ever went to LRH. In retrospect I realize both Pat Broeker and David Miscavige had an interest in keeping the status quo with LRH, since both of them had dreams of one day being the new dictator of Scientology once the current Ding Dong king was dead.

Robert Vaughn Young:
Despite Miscavige's protests, he runs all of Scientology, regardless of corporate lines. In Scientology, there is only Scientology. Corporate lines are set up as ways to deflect the courts, the IRS and the authorities. When it comes to everyday work, Miscavige is appraised of every part of Scientology, from the church to the secular. He also issues orders to all sectors and approves all major transactions. His role is as the head of Scientology is well known within Scientology. It is only when it comes to matters such as this suit that he and his lieutenants must suddenly conjure up the corporate lines and claim ignorance.

Don Larson:
The other move was to step up the flow of money dramatically. Among Larson's duties were levying fines on wealthy auditing subjects, whose intimate auditing sessions had been transcribed in writing, and forcibly dunning mission holders (franchisees) for millions of additional dollars for Hubbard agents. "In 1983," says Larson, "I manipulated a half-million-dollar inheritance out of Bob B He was naive as hell. D.M. (David Miscavige) called me up in the middle of the night (about Bob B) He wanted the money."

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
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