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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Gung Ho

Gung Ho

A recent attack on an independent Scientology website and a recent communication cycle in which third partying occurred between Independent Scientologists has drawn attention to the importance of appreciating who we are and what we represent.

Although we represent a philosophy and technology that can literally salvage mankind, relative to the world stage we are a comparative minority. It behoves us therefore to acknowledge that the old maxim, 'United we stand, divided we fall,' applies and that attacks on us will be in the direction of causing rifts, arc breaks and divisions within our ranks. This means attempts to stop; third party activity and spreading false rumours and untruths about each other to each other will be the order of the day. When you realise that one of the prime statistics of OSA, for example, is the creation of cut communication lines between their perceived enemies it becomes immediately apparent what is happening. While it is true we hold different viewpoints; we would not be individuals if we did not, and that we may have disagreements on various aspects of our history, the basic philosophy and even the application of the technology, in times of need it is well that, in the face of adversity, we pull together if we are to survive not just as a group but as individuals. Failure to do so will leave us open to the risk of individuation, the loss of the technology and no hope for mankind.

We can see this in the media on a daily basis. The old divide and conquer rule. Creating divisions within mankind over religion, social structure and politics is the suppressive at work. This is done with misinformation, third partying, pressing buttons that restimulate the bank causing misemotion to run rampant, shoving the lower tone levels such as death, and terror down people's throats successfully causes those who are unaware of the mechanism being employed to get sucked in and go into agreement with the insanity. Hence, for us, the importance of the concept of Gung Ho.* Regardless of any differences we may have we share some common goals, some common theta and knowledge all of which was born from our contact and association with L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

A good illustration of Gung Ho is the example where if this planet was attacked from outside, all the nations, regardless of their differences, would suddenly find themselves fighting side by side, shoulder to shoulder, differences forgotten in the common cause of survival of mankind.

This is the stance we need to take in the face of any concerted effort to reduce our communication line, our abilities, our common goal and, indeed, the use and application of the technology.

If, for example you come across some unsubstantiated criticism of another independent field person through some email or rumour line or on a website, one can either ignore it or one can challenge it asking for time place form and event, or actively work to trace down the source. If one has valid data regarding another person in their field where they are violating some tenet or precept then a properly drawn up knowledge report with time place form and event should be written. An opinion plays no part in a knowledge report. It should be facts only. Regardless to whom this is sent, a copy should always be sent to the individual concerned to remove any form of third party. If one cannot bring oneself to send that individual a copy then perhaps one should look at what one is really doing.

It should be noted at this point that APIS has no jurisdiction over the Independent Field and has no intention of applying or assuming such. APIS area of control relates solely to its own activities and members and is bound by its Constitution and Terms of Service.

Scientologists in the field are responsible for their own actions and carry a higher level of responsibility than those within an organisation. They cannot go to an Ethics Dept other than on their own personal org board. They have to be more responsible for themselves than they would otherwise be if they were a member of a church for example. This means that Scientologists in the field tend to be, by and large, more ethical, more responsible and more resilient than those that rely upon others to 'keep their ethics in.' this makes them stronger and harder to bring down and possibly explains why such strenuous efforts, time and money are considered needed and used attempting to unmock the independent field. In fact the result of this effort has served only to strengthen the stubbornness of the independent field which has grown in the face of adversity over the years.

In our own small way we are winning in that more and more people are joining the Independent Field and finding out about the philosophy and technology. Let us ensure this continues and man does, indeed, get salvaged.

*Gung ho /'g'ho/ is an English term used to mean "enthusiastic" or "overzealous".
Gung ho is an anglicised pronunciation of "gong he", which is also sometimes anglicised as "kung ho".
The two Chinese characters "gong" and "he" are translatable individually as "work" and "together".
The linguist Albert Moe studied both the origin and the usage in English. He concludes that the term is an "Americanism that is derived from the Chinese, but its several accepted American meanings have no resemblance whatsoever to the recognized meaning in the original language" and that its "various linguistic uses, as they have developed in the United States, have been peculiar to American speech." In Chinese, concludes Moe, "this is neither a slogan nor a battle cry; it is only a name for an organization."
The term was picked up by United States Marine Corps Major Evans Carlson from his New Zealand friend, Rewi Alley, one of the founders of the Chinese Industrial Cooperatives. Carlson explained in a 1943 interview: "I was trying to build up the same sort of working spirit I had seen in China where all the soldiers dedicated themselves to one idea and worked together to put that idea over. I told the boys about it again and again. I told them of the motto of the Chinese Cooperatives, Gung Ho. It means Work Together-Work in Harmony...."
Later Carlson used gung ho during his (unconventional) command of the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion. From there, it spread throughout the U.S. Marine Corps (hence the association between the two), where it was used as an expression of spirit and into American society as a whole when the phrase became the title of a 1943 war film, Gung Ho!, about the 2nd Raider Battalion's raid on Makin Island in 1942

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