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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Mike Moore

Michael Moore MAICD ASA DSEC HSDC I have been asked to write a bio so here goes.

I discovered Scientology in 1969. Goodness me that was 44 years ago! A chap by the name of Donat Pherboner (spelling) introduced me to Fundamentals of Thought to read. I read the book, thought was sensible and logical then he got me to read this closely typed paper with red typing on it that said TRs Modernized and a lot of words I did not understand. Then he sat me down in a chair, sat opposite me and said Start!

And nothing happened for an hour while he just looked at me.

At the time I thought it was quite bizarre but strangely interesting.

After a few days he invited me to what he called an 'event'. This was a hall in which a tape lecture by LRH was playing. It was RJ 67 and was about the OT III breakthrough. Well after a few weeks and reading more books, I eventually ended up at Saint Hill in East Grinstead and had some quickie auditing that did not 'take' as it were and was told to do the comm course (Basically I was not there and my confront was somewhere around my ankles). Well time passed and after being in and out for a few months, I eventually wound up at London Org on the Dianetics Course as a staff member.

I did the course three times, failed the test and then did it three more times, all the time getting Dianetic auditing from other students practicing on me.

It was a rocky road but it made me a scientologist as I saw all those aches and pains and headaches and so forth all disappear before me and I new how and why.

From there I was shot back down to Brighton to be the ED of Brighton org. There was also a PES and an OES and that was the staff complement. Brighton Org was only a few miles from Saint Hill so, although was classed as a Class Four org (You may well ask how come as none of us were auditors qualified as Class IV), but always had to get an Auditor down from Saint Hill to audit preclears when we sold an intensive.

We sold a lot of comm courses and did heaps of OCAs. But people never stayed. They would do an OCA and or a comm course and disappear. We eventually discovered they would then go to Saint Hill. Anyway Diana Hubbard did an evaluation on Brighton Org and found it should be a City office for SH, not a Class IV Org, so it was changed and we continued on and became a successful City office for Saint Hill. Eventually I was called up to Saint Hill and worked there, Running the HCI (Hubbard College of Improvement where all new SO recruits were trained) and then Chef at the 'Stables' where many of the SH staff lived, cooking the SO meals, then other jobs. All this included doing 2 weeks full time doing TRs the hard way no blink for two weeks and other interesting activities.

I blew there eventually and came to Australia (Now that is what you call a blow!) Worked my way up the conditions paid the freeloader bill and before I knew it, I was back on staff again. I worked in Melbourne and Sydney, usually As a Flag Rep but also in the FOLOANZO doing missions being flag Rep and other duties. Doing my time in Melbourne I had gone CLEAR On NED and while in Sydney had some student auditing on a couple of the grades. I was the Flag Rep in Melbourne for some time and was awarded the status of Kha Khan by the FRANZO for getting Melbourne Foundation expanding. I did some time at FOLOANZO and in Sydney org essentially in the Flag Rep Network, even holding the post of FRANZO for a while Albert Megraw (spelling) Class VIII was on a mission somewhere. I was also sent to Flag and did the Flag Rep Full Hat and many other courses including the Data Series Evaluators Course and received a pass on that from Bill Franks who was the CO Flag Land base at that time. Incidently while in the SO or on staff I did innumerable courses.This was in the late 1970s.

I also did some missions and it was on a mission to Auckland NZ that I began to notice the change within the church. An LRH ED* was issued (I believe it was LRH ED 323 INT YOUR LETTERS TO RON 21 Jan 81 but no longer have a copy so cannot be sure). This LRH ED stated basically that LRH would not be on the SO 1 line anymore. LRH EDs were ONLY issued by LRH but this one was not. It was issued by the Watch Dog Committee (WDC), some new group that was not LRH. Well to me that was not source. It was this WDC that appeared to be now controlling the church. I did not know who they were. No names of the WDC were issued and no introduction or R-factor, no NE was ever done to my knowledge. In short they appeared to have taken over from LRH. This did not sit comfortably with me at all and wrote to LRH not on the SO1 line, instead via his Literary Agent Forest Ackerman. He must have forwarded the letter to the SO1 line as I got a typed letter from 'LRH' with a stamped signature vaguely saying it was ok. Not like his style at all. I never used to get that, Ron always signed his letters himself and was always very specific.

I returned to FOLOANZO after the mission, although I was supposed to be on mission 3 weeks I ended up 3 months and the Auckland Org did well as a result, I was still considered a bad boy and put in the Telex Room and Linda Parselle, never one for politeness or ARC, blasted me for something I have never been quite sure what and threatened to expel me from the church.

Well I eventually ended up back in Melbourne as Flag Rep for Both Day and Foundation as they were short of execs, with no money and no means of earning any. I was getting deeper in debt with no foreseeable way out so that was it for me. I concluded LRH was not in charge anymore and I simply walked out. I knew Ron was not on the lines anymore so, for me, there was little point in staying. I thought I would wait for a while.

I then spent 20 years reading and re-reading the books I had. Over and over and over again.

twenty years later while being out in the cold as a Clear I found the Freezone. Firstly I found Tommy Thompson and his website. This was incredible to me. As we all eventually discover, there IS a Scientology World outside of the church. From there I found many many other sites.

Being in Melbourne and far from the maddening crowd it took me a bit longer to find than many, but find it I did. I downloaded as much as I could and read everything avidly and eventually caught up to present time on scientology outside the church, so to speak. But I soon found that there were a lot of disagreements, HE&R, also squirreling and altered technology.

I realized there was no coordinated group or way to coordinate groups and having seen what the church was doing to individuals and some groups, and decided to form the then IFA, now APIS. (How the IFA got started can be found at

Well of course, As soon as I started the IFA, like wasps to a honey pot, OSA came sniffing around. Phone calls, visits to my house, private dicks (excuse me - Private investigators) asking about me at work and friends. Another time, osa managed to get the taken down by threatening the host provider. He, being a business associate of mine, promptly hosted it in a different country so it was only down for 24 hours.

I was not going to be intimidated by all this crap. I hade done nothing illegal and knew it was all bluster and bluff. So each time I was hassled I simply opened a new website. Pretty soon I had eight. I was quite prepared to open another hundred so I think they got the message.

Some hilarious examples; I got a phone call one day, someone wanted to talk to my son. I thought 'one of his friends' and passed the phone to him. His short taciturn conversation was a give away. Eventually he said "fuck off" and hung up (excuse the language ladies). I asked him, "who was that?" He said it was a private dick digging for dirt on me. We had to laugh at the audacity of the dick calling me to talk to my son. Another example; my work supervisor would get calls from a private dick about me digging for dirt. I told my supervisor what was going on. He told the dick there was nothing to tell but hey, spin it out and make the church pay as much as possible, another good laugh. Other instances, calling my internet provider, website hosts etc, The internet provider then calling me and I telling them "yes your welcome to shut it down provided you don't mind being included in a public court action against the church", whereupon they would say, forget it never mind. A lot of stories there.

But on the serious side, attempts were made to get me sacked with false reports and false complaints. Unsuccessful I might add. I was intensively investigated by my employer, a large corporate company in Australia who found nothing. I also got a legal threat from the church's legal representative in Australia. I consulted a QC** I knew and responded appropriately including setting up yet another website. I also massively updated all the other websites at the time out of cussedness just for good measure. Both letters are available in the APIS Members area for members to preview.

Since then nothing overt although I am sure, having gone down tone, there have been many covert operations such as third party, third hand websites etc. I do know there was a program in OSA written to bring IFA/APIS down. It has many incomplete targets.

Meanwhile personally, while all this was going on, I organised to continue auditing. I did the solo course utilising someone else in Melbourne to assist with drilling and e meter drills. The Dianetics Course I did so many years ago held me in good stead there also. I then got busy doing the original OT levels up to and including VII as much as one can while being alone. I then left my job and went to Canada for a clean up, set ups and the Ls and NOTs and am currently on Solo NOTs.

So compared to many of the wonderful brave and courageous people and their horror stories available on many websites, mine is very mild.

Right now APIS is on a big expansion program. The purpose is to get the original philosophy and technology of application as per LRH widely known and used. The more widely known and used it is the less chance it will be suppressed and the more chance there is for freedom for us all.

OK, that's my Bio, Now blatant plug time! APIS is run on a shoe string, unlike the church which has millions, and we can always use more support and members. It all helps to forward our purposes to Preserve, Protect and promote the philosophy and technology of LRH which can only be good for us all.

Courses done:
HAS Course
ED Hat
Flag Representative Full Hat
Missionaires Hat
HCO ES Course
OES Course
PES Course
Mini Course Supervisors Course
Method one Course
Basic SO Checksheets
innumerable other small courses over the years
I have studied all the books and packs over 40 years going over and over all the material

*LRH ED: LRH Executive Directive. This was only issued by LRH and was his comm line to the staff and public.
**QC. Queens Counsel. A lawyer or legal person who has 'taken silk' and is more knowledgeable and experienced than the lawyer you get on the street. Geoffrey Robertson is good example of a QC. They are also very expensive!

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
Association of Professional Independent Scientologists marysuehubbard.comL. Ron Hubbard Tribute

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