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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Are you interested or interesting

"But we discover here in the matter of interest that we have two facets: one is "interested", and the other is "interesting". A thetan is interested, and an object is interesting. A thetan is not interesting. He is interested. And when a person becomes terribly interesting he has lots of problems, believe me. That is the chasm that is crossed. That is the chasm which is crossed by all of your celebrities, anybody who is foolish enough to become famous. He crosses over from being interested in life to being interesting, and people who are interesting are really no longer interested in life. It's very baffling to some young fellow why he can't make some beautiful girl interested in him. Well, she is not interested, she is interesting."
The Phoenix Lectures

Interest is a fascinating subject. If I had known this principle years ago when I was young and full of beans, I dare say I would have known a lot more girls because, this is a principle one can use.

I have also been fortunate to have met many people in the public eye, politicians, celebrities and stars due to the nature of the work I have done over the years. And looking back I see that this has been one of the main problems or concerns many have had. Many actors do not immediately aspire to be actors, they sort of fall into it. Many are actually quite shy and do not really like the public scrutinizing their every move. They prefer obscurity. They are interesting to the public by virtue of their celebrity status. They are not really being interesting. Of course some DO like the attention being focused on them and those are the ones being interesting.

"One "needs" an identity to play the game, as covered later, but mainly to "get attention." A being looks at things. To balance the flow of his attention, he feels he must also be looked at. Thus he becomes attention-hungry ... Attention and Identity form a group of two. Attention makes space. Identity closes space."
Fundamentals of Thought

You can turn this around of course. If one wants attention one simply becomes interesting. How you might ask. This is where ARC (Affinity, Reality and Communication) come to the fore.

For example, the girl who is interesting is continually being given attention by those interested in her. They crowded around her jostling for attention. Of course she is being interesting so is not interested in those around her. After all they are giving her what she wants. Attention. She is practicing Axiom 10 The creation of an effect. So how do you get HER attention? Well YOU have to be interesting to her. You have to apply Axiom 10 in this instance. And it is not doing what everyone else is doing as that is simply responding to the creation of effect. You can start out that way simply by asking her questions. Questions designed to find out what SHE is interested in. Is it art? Is it a certain type of Music? Most guys will be telling her how good they are in one way or another, and generally presenting themselves as peacocks. You, on the other hand, could show interest in her by asking questions. Once you find something she is interest in, and her indicators will show you what that is, you can then present yourself in that light so that she develops an interest in you.

Here is an example. I practiced this the other day, I was at an event where there were many people. One was a lady who was getting attention from some males. One was even singing to her). I could see that she enjoyed the attention. She was being interesting and the males were decidedly interested in her. I thought I would try this out so joined in and initially 'became' one of the boys. I then started to ask her questions to find out more about her. Where she was from, How many languages she spoke (it was several). I continued to ask questions until the flow started to turn around and she then asked me, "What do you do?" That was the turning point. I said, "I am an author." And that immediately turned a switch and she immeddiately changed from being interesting to being interested and I got a barrage of questions about what I had written, what i had published, where I was from and so on. We sat there talking for perhaps a hour and the other males then saw it was useless hanging around an drifted off. She even wanted my Facebook page so she could connect up on FB. That was not because I was interested in her; It was because she had become interested in me. I use this purely as an illustration of the point that these principles that LRH discovered can be used and applied and when done work every time.

It was an interesting exercise in the application of this principle and of course it can apply in other situations such as sales, in the board room, at the office or even just out in the supermarket or with friends and, dare I say it, relations. If one wants the attention of an individual who is "interesting" one can turn the switch, so to speak, and get them interested, hopefully in you and you can then, using ARC, improve your relationship with that individual.

It is really applying ARC to a given situation. The usual tools apply, the comm cycle, listening and applying the appropriate tone level and of course, being causative in the situation.

The Philosophy and principles of Scientology are available to everyone and can be used in any situation. Having a thorough understanding of each of them and applying them can improve the quality of life for any individual.

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
Association of Professional Independent Scientologists marysuehubbard.comL. Ron Hubbard Tribute

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