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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Celebrities in Scientology

Scientology has its fare share of celebrities just as any religion does. It seems to be more in the news due to the media imposed controversial nature of scientology and of course the celebrity status of some actors and artists which make good 'copy' and 'sell'.

Here is a partial list of actors, artists and others that are considered of celebrity status in Alphabetical order. Not all are in 'good stanbding' with the church and many have left and been declared.

* Anne Archer, actress (her son, Tom Davis, used to run the Los Angeles "Celebrity Centre")
* Beck, musician, raised Scientologist
* Billy Sheehan, rock bassist
* Bodhi Elfman , actor
* Bryan Zwan, founder and CEO of Digital Lightwave
* Carl Anderson, singer
* Catherine Bell, actress
* Chaka Khan, singer
* Chick Corea, Long term Jazz musician and composer.
* Christopher Masterson, actor
* Corin Nemec, actor
* Danny Masterson, actor
* David Campbell, musician, composer, arranger
* David Pomeranz, singer/songwriter
* David Singer, chiropractor, 'Management by Statistics' consultant
* Diane Watson, US Congresswoman (D)
* Don Pearson, 'Management by Statistics' consultant
* Doug Dohring, ex-owner of Neopets
* Doug E. Fresh, hip-hop musician
* Eddie Deezen, actor
* Edgar Winter, musician
* Eduardo Palomo (deceased 2003), actor, and his wife Carina Ricco, actress and musician
* Elena Rogero, singer
* Eric Sherman, film consultant
* Erika Christensen, actress
* Ernie Reyes, Jr., actor
* Ethan Suplee, actor
* Floyd Mutrux, writer, director and producer
* Geoffrey Lewis, actor
* Giovanni Ribisi, actor, raised Scientologist.
* Greta Van Susteren, host of On the Record with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News Channel
* Haywood Nelson, actor
* Isaac Hayes, musician, actor, and formerly voiceover artist ("Chef" from "South Park")
* James Packer, Australian businessman
* James Stacy Barbour, Broadway actor
* Jason Dohring, actor
* Jason Lee, actor ("My Name Is Earl", "Mallrats") and professional skateboarder
* Jeffrey Scott, screenwriter
* Jenna Elfman, actress (Dharma and Greg), raised Catholic
* Jennifer Aspen, actress
* Jim Meskimen, actor and improviser
* John Travolta, actor, raised Catholic.
* Johnny Lewis, actor
* Judy Norton, actress and musician
* Juliette Lewis, actress
* Karen Black, actress
* Kate Ceberano, Australian actress and musician
* Katie Holmes, actress (born and raised Catholic), introduced to Scientology by Tom Cruise, whom she later married.
* Kelly Preston, actress and John Travolta's wife, raised Catholic.
* Kenton Gray, car and motorcycle race driver
* Kirstie Alley, actress
* Laura Prepon, actress
* Leah Remini, actress
* Lisa Marie Presley, singer, Michael Jackson's ex-wife, and daughter of Elvis
* Lynsey Bartilson, actress
* Marisol Nichols, actress
* Marissa Ribisi, actress, wife of Beck Hansen, sister of Giovanni Ribisi, raised Scientologist.
* Mark Isham, musician
* Michael Peña, actor
* Michelle Stafford, actress
* Milton Katselas, acting teacher
* Mimi Rogers, actress
* Nancy Cartwright, voice over artist, most famous as the voice of Bart Simpson
* Nicky Hopkins, musician (deceased 1994)
* Pablo Santos, actor (deceased 2006)
* Patrick Renna, actor
* Paul Haggis, director
* Persia White, actress
* Peter Medak, director
* Plácido Domingo Jr., opera singer
* Priscilla Presley, actress and ex-wife of Elvis
* Reed Slatkin, criminal ponzi scheme perpetrator
* Ruddy Rodriguez, actress
* Sky Dayton, founder and Chairman of the Board of EarthLink
* Sofia Milos, actress (CSI: Miami)
* Sonny Bono (deceased 1998), musician and member of U.S. House from California (claimed Catholicism on campaign biographies)
* Tom Cruise, actor (raised Catholic, according to Parade; attended a Franciscan seminary in Cincinnati and aspired to become a Catholic priest)
* Tyler Hynes, actor

A full list of references to the above can be found at Wikipedia List of Scientologists

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
Association of Professional Independent Scientologists marysuehubbard.comL. Ron Hubbard Tribute

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