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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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A Change of Leadership

David Miscaviage

Anyone who takes over from David Miscavige would have to apply the Emergency Formula for the entire church as DM would have left (or been booted out) in disgrace. The conditions are clear on that.

A very extensive promotional campaign would need to be done to revert the gross damage done by DM over the years.

1. Promote Broadly

The first action is promotion. Promoting to staff, promoting to the public, promoting to the Freezone. The following would need to be emphasised to all concerned. a. That the church is under new management and the old management styles are cancelled and no longer in force. That the management policies as per those issued by the Founder LRH would be instituted.

b. That the church is reverting to the original technology prior to a specific date.

c. That the policy on disconnection is being relaxed. And that scientologists are encouraged to connect up with their families again where a disconnection policy has been enforced.

d. That the prices will be adjusted to reflect pricing in today's terms. In effect this would be a reduction in the general pricing for services to that which is attainable by the man in the street based upon a policy letter by Ron, (HCO POLICY LETTER OF 19 OCTOBER 1964 PRICING FORMULAS) and current average salaries in the country of operation for that church.

e. A special fund will be set up to assist getting the churches back on track and offering free services to educate the public in what scientology really is. These would include some basic courses offered free or for a nominal amount.

2. Change Your Operating Basis

The entire operating basis of the church will need to be applied. This would include such things as:

a. A relaxing of the disconnect policy, a change of management style to reflect the original intentions' of LRH and a complete public make over of the church. b. The dissolving of the RPF. Staff in the RPF should be reverted back to post or, if they wish, they may leave on their own accord. All RPF staff should be returned their belongings and their dignity. All sec checks should cease.

c. It should be the policy that staff are allowed to mix with the external world. This includes physically as well as through mediums such as the internet, TV etc. Staff need to become inured to the outside world and not cloistered.

d. Sec checks on NOTs should cease. The original OT levels should also be reinstituted. This to be done through a group of the highest trained personnel in the church in so far as where on the bridge such levels should be instituted but definitely before OT VIII is given. The requirements for OTVIII should be all prior OT levels and NOTs levels and a minimum of some training in auditing to be determined by the senior tech personnel.

e. Staff and parishioners should be encouraged to get back into communication with any estranged family and friends and to be assisted in this from HCO.

f. Emphasis on communication, compassion, affinity and reality should be applied.

g. All staff who have not trained on Level 0 or the Dianetics course should at least do the HQS as a prerequisite to any and all other courses including admin so they get an education in exactly what they are working for. If they are in the middle of another course that should be completed first. All staff should have a thorough understanding of what scientology is and what the technology is and the basic principles of scientology. All staff should know why they are there and what it is they are working for.

h. All RPF personnel should be reverted back to the position and post they held prior to the RPF. If another person is currently on that post the former RPFD person would become the deputy. If there is already a deputy on that post then they would be given a post and rank equivalent to that which they had prior to being in the RPF.

i. A check should be made for PTSness and a handle effected when found to be the case, for those who worked for or were influenced by David Miscavige. This would only be by c/s instruction after a d of p interview. If the person was found not to be PTS by the C/S , then no PTS handling would be effected. However the person would need to apply the doubt formula as per 'j' below.

j. All the senior executive personnel and anyone else who worked directly under David Miscavige should be assigned a condition of doubt and have to work through the conditions.

3. Economize

Economy is not just money. It can cover other activities also, Economy of work, effort, the reduction of time wasting as examples.

a. Reduce high mgmt fees and unnecessary costs.

b. Halt the purchase of property. The church is a service organisation not a real estate developer. Halt all building and development costs.

c. Keep costs down (but not reduce staff salaries). This can be done by reducing the unnecessary expenses on security and other unscientology expenses.

d. Get staff being trained and audited. You do not want staff unsatisfied, untrained and unaudited. This is a false economy.

e. Building not needed or superfluous can be sold.

f. Ensure there is sufficient equipment to deliver services by churches. Books, meters, supervisors, auditors etc.

g. Ensure the Tech Admin Ratio is as per policy.

h. reduce the number of "companies" and "businesses". Most of this is duplication of effort. One needs a leader, a management team, an operations team, the various orgs and that is it. Not CST, RTC and other misc "companies".

4. Then Prepare to Deliver

Having removed the prime source of enturbulation then the church would be in a position to start delivering.

a. be in a position to be able to deliver essential services.

b. have sufficient auditors, trainers supervisors to train and audit the public and staff.

c. get original courses and auditor as per the grade chart, prior to GAOT being delivered.

This is just a very broad overall plan. There would be considerable details to attend to. And the detailed overall plane would be quite extensive.

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
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