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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Who would have thought, two and a half years ago we would be in this position.

A lot has happened in the past two and a half years. But the story goes back long before that. In fact this has been a planned attack on the human race for some years. In the formative stages there was much preparedness and setting up the scenario back stage as it were. Patents for the testing of Covid-19 go back as far as September 2020 by the Rothschild Corporation in the Netherlands and subsequent patents all to do with covid have been applied for long before Covid became a household word including a patent 'for acquiring and transmitting biometric data,' also by the Rothschilds (Richard).

Stage one of the campaign. Setting the scene. Firstly the introduction of a virus which is unknown. Introduced in a country where facts cannot be satisfactorily substantiated. Then embark on a campaign of fear. Fear of the virus. Introduce preventative measures (already prepared of course) such as masks, anti-social distancing. Stay at home directives, Lock downs. All designed to:

1. Expand on the fear. Keep people in a tone level of Fear

2. Reduce communication, affinity and reality of the population

Once that is satisfactorily attained the next stage is to offer hope. In this case a vaccine. Claiming initially the vaccines are the solution to the problem and will cure the virus infection. All three main manufactures Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca) claimed various success rates from 95 percent down to 65 percent. The vaccines are new. Undergoing tests and once taken everyone would be OK. But it did not end there. Many were reluctant to take this, as yet unproven gene altering substance. So he campaign changed from encouragement and 'save the day,' down to 'must take it,' then propitiation, win a bun or a prize for taking it. (Even offering unhealthy fast food in some areas). In Australia a prize of a Million dollars is being offered as inducement to 'take the jab.' What does that tell you?

When that does not work, the campaign moves down the scale to enforcement. Take the jab or you cannot work or cannot go out. In some countries you cannot even buy food (Rumania) without the jab.

The virus, in terms of fatalities is little different to influenza and mainly affects the elderly and those with other issues such as heart disease and infirmities. Various figures have been recorded but all, without exception, put the fatalities at under 5 percent. Coincidently the influenza statistics have plummeted with the advance of the covid statistics rising.

You have various outpoints such as, in Melbourne, Australia for example, rising vaccinated numbers, persistent lock downs yet rising 'case' numbers.

Melbourtne Lockdown cases Melbourne case increases since the lock down and increased vaccination rates.These out points (outpoints = Area of inconsistencies, such as omitted information, wrong target or wrong source, incorrect time frame, altered sequence, added inapplicable data and the like) or inconsistencies can be answered by questioning the actual 'cases.' Which are based on the PCR tests being used. Assuming the lock downs and vaccines are effective as touted by the Victorian Government, it can be considered the case numbers are inaccurate at the best and fake at the worse. Giving credence to the idea that this is a planned attack and the purpose is other than the welfare of the population.

This gradient approach has hidden the true nature of the attack on the human race by a select few with an apparent agenda of reduction of the human race to one considered more suitable in terms of the economy and climate control. This is a long term activity but is being completed surprisingly fast in global terms due, in part, to the planning and preparedness in the in initial stages. Most people do not see the above due to being thoroughly immersed in the campaign either by the effects of it or by their agreement with it in order to survive in their current position.

None of this is new. There are patents for covid filed in 2015 or there abouts (I can dig it all up if anyone is interested) and the instigators have applied a gradient approach to a specific end. I will write it up and post it on one of the websites. The immediate concern however is:

Preventing getting Sars-19 (Covid). NOT taking any vaccine for covid in the first place, If one HAS taken it, what remedies can nullify or at least reduce the effects of the vaccine.

Prevention is fairly simply and would include a balanced diet, extra Vit D (I take 7000 IUs per day) and balanced vitamins and minerals. Case wise the higher up the grade chart one is the better, particularly getting to OT.

NOT taking any vaccine. Previous vaccines could be nullified with homeopathy and that could be very effective. But make no mistake, thie Covid Vaccine is not actually a vaccine. It is a different kettle of fish entirely. It is a gene tool specifically designed to change the DNA and introduce other elements to make the body more controllable. (Now where have we seen that before!). The best solution is to NOT take any of the varieties of mRNA Vaccine whatsoever. But if you have then what is the best way to nullify or reduce the effects?

So far we only have two possibilities.

The Purification rundown. I believe that it is possible that once the offending material is removed then the body will 'tend' to revert to its normal state. This is evidenced by the fact that now booster shots are required after 6 months. It has emerged there is a shelf life for the substance and it is likely it is there only to inject the graphene Oxide into the body and then it dissipates having done its job. So the activity then becomes, removing the metal introduced into the body. That is where the purif comes in. I do not know if it will be completely effective, such as removing the bodies tendency to produce the spike proteins, but it is the best option we have until something better comes along,.

Doing the purif would do no harm and just might aid to removing the toxins such as metals etc. But it would need to be strictly done including not just high doses of vitamins but minerals also. Part of the purif operates on the body having a replacement for those toxins sweated out and the chelated minerals would play a significant part in this so care should be taken to ensure they are included. In fact ther purif should be run exactly as LRH has ordered. My opinion is that LRH had an inkling of those type of activity and the purif (as well as with radiation) is an answer to this.

In addition there are some homeopathic remedies that MAY assist (No guarantees however). Not sure how effective these would be but LRH does advocate homeopathic remedies (I have previously issued quotes o n this from LRH) as beneficial. And there are homeopathic remedies that may counter the effects of vaccinations. Notably.

Ledum palustre (the homeopathic puncture-wound remedy) at a dose of 30c. Belladonna at a dose of 30c is beneficial for swelling and fever that may come that night. Thuja occidentalis at a dose of 30c can help to ease various side effects of a vaccine. Silica 30c to remove minerals in the body that should not be there.

The advantage with homeopathic remedies is the complete lack of side effects.

That is a very brief history with a potential solution to the issue. Much has been left out. One could write a book on the subject. Every statement is backed up with evidence however accumulated over the past two and a half years.

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Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
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