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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Ethics, a Tool to be Used

"Ethics consists simply of the actions an individual takes on himself. Justice is the action taken on an individual by the group when he fails to take these actions himself." The Basics of Ethics - L. Ron Hubbard

Ethics are supposed to be applied by the individual. At the risk of stating the obvious, the conditions are conditions of existence and states of being of the individual. They should be applied by an individual. But where an individual does not apply ethics to him or herself and this affects the group the group steps in with justice to get the condition applied. Unfortunately it also happens, both outside of as well as inside scientology, that justice is misused by enforcing incorrect ethics applications and conditions assignments. This might be through ignorance, misunderstandings or even just plain outright suppression of the individual. In all cases, it is the justice factor that is being misapplied and which results in ethics being used as a punishment tool instead of a tool to raise up the beingness of the individual.

Ethics could be said to be that standard of conduct an individual follows in his relationship with himself and others in order to ensure his own survival and that of the group or groups to which he belongs. As has been pointed out, man is basically good, and when he falls by the wayside he will attempt to correct himself or if he cannot, as is often the case, will invite the group to which he belongs to correct him. This applies to any individual but some are more obvious than others. Hitler, for example, invited the world to put his ethics in as he evidently could not. Miscavige, the current 'head' of the Church of scientology is doing exactly the same. He has the responsibility of the care and promotion of the philosophy and technology of Scientology but as he has taken on the valence of a suppressive person and is currently working to suppress the philosophy, he has now invited the world to stop him and the church.

"Ethics actually consists of rationality towards the highest level of survival for the individual, the future race, the group, mankind and the other dynamics taken up collectively." Ethics, Justice & the Dynamics - L. Ron Hubbard

The urge to survive, the thrust or motivation or reason why one continues in existence is split into eight dynamics.

With regard to LRH, I don't think anyone is saying he was perfect. He was not of course. Even he stated he was only human (Ref Book: Creation of Human Ability) and he was subject to the same track as we all were and the same experiences and structures. His notable achievement was his ability and determination to rise above bank agreement and discover and research the basic rules of this universe life and the application designed to raise others as well. As he also stated, it is not a perfect system but it is a workable system "remember that" (safeguarding Technology).

All of his discoveries, such as the conditions are demonstrably valid. It is still up to the individual to learn how to apply them. Being a suppressive one should not expect Miscavige to apply this tool any better than any other tool. All of his actions point to a hidden terror of others and so 'they must be suppressed in any way possible.'

I do not know the EXACT circumstances by which a suppressive was able to take control of the church organisation. What I DO know is that he is there and he is seeking to destroy the one hope man has to get him out of the bank agreement. We must ensure that does not happen.

We do not want the technology and knowledge we have obtained lost as there is no guarantee that LRH will return or that another LRH will come along. It is entirely up to us what we do here and now. We are fortunately to have been given a route out of the mess we find ourselves in after untold millennia of scrabbling around and we should grab it with both our thetan hands to our thetanly bosom. Everything we need is already in place, including the route, the knowledge, even a historical track of how it was developed and what NOT to do as well as what to do. LRH did a very thorough job. Going out and covering many peripherals also, Study Tech, third dynamic tech and others by way of example. While there may be some argument for an 'expansion' of the existing tech, the existing tech is hardly being used on this planet at all and is subject to suppression so our first order of business should be to get the technology being used far and wide even outside our safe little comfort zone as, if we do not, then our safe little comfort zone is going to contract into nothingness.

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