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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Ethics and Justice Merged

Ethics CartoonThere is a wealth of technology in Scientology to handle every case now. From training to auditing, word clearing to specialised rundowns et al. Finding out the individual's issues and problems is not difficult. People love talking about their problems.

"There isn't any such thing as a scarcity of preclears. The streets are full of them. The hospitals are full of them. All you'll have to do is reach out and take them by the ear and put them down in the chair - everybody's a preclear. Nothing to it. You get most men to talking about their problems and they don't talk, they avalanche on you. They all got problems. And you can solve those problems...."
Uses and Future of Scientology
3rd October 1953

But this does require some work and thinking. Some effort even, specifically some application. And here is where the church has fallen down the wayside. Rather than seek to USE the technology which is more than likely to handle most problems and issues for an individual, the church has gradually evolved into taking the easy way out when it comes to handling staff and parishioners.

"Ethics consists simply of the actions an individual takes on himself. Justice is the action taken on the individual by the group when he fails to take these actions himself."
Introduction to Scientology Ethics

Rather than seeking to use the technology, such as auditing and training for example, which is more likely to handle a situation it has devolved into a blanket "write up your o/ws." This is a lazy way to address issues when in many cases it could simply be a crashing MU or some issue the individual is going through. The technology that LRH developed is being used less and less and with the changes introduced by David Miscavige is becoming less and less effective when it is being used.

This is compounded by the church attitude of replacing ethics and compassion with justice. There is an enormous difference between ethics and justice. Ethics is a person matter, and is that which an individual applies to him or herself. Most people, particularly scientologists, have a good idea of the difference between right and wrong. They inherently know what, if anything, they may have done wrong and will take steps to remedy even if it is simply leaving the scene so they are no longer affecting the area.

Justice, on the other hand, is that action carried out on an individual by a group when that individual has allow their ethics to deteriorate to the point where it is detrimental to the group as a whole.

The church has either deliberately or through sheer laziness stopped assisting people to apply ethics and is replacing it with "justice" or their brand of it. This effectively takes control of an individual's ethics out of their own hands and places it in the hands of the church and so reducing the capability of the individual to apply ethics in the manner in which it was intended. It reduces their responsibility level as they are no longer in control of their ethical standards which have been replaced by a perverted justice system used as a punishment rather than allowing the individual to take more responsibility for their actions.

This makes church justice simply another controlling mechanism and this is a devolution the church is unlikely to recover from anytime soon, particularly with the current management in place.

LRH issued a broad range of technology on ethics and how to apply it. It is not rocket science. It is easy to apply and is extremely effective as,

"Ethics is so native to the individual that his downfall and his total aberration is based on the fact that he is seeking to overcome his own lack of ethics."

Being in the field and no longer under the umbrella of a church with good intentions, an individual does not have an ethics officer to fall back on. He or she must assume more responsibility for his or her own ethics. There is no one else that can do it for them.

An individual in the field has access to the tremendous volume of technology LRH developed including books, tapes, bulletins etc. There are training centers and groups being set up around the world. There are repositories of the knowledge around. A quick search on the internet will provide a plethora of information and data. There is no excuse for not being trained or learning.

Even if one is far far away in a distant galaxy, there are always books, tape transcripts or listen to tapes. The technology is there for anyone that cares to use it.

I heartily recommend one uses it.

Uses and Future of Scientology - 3rd October 1953
Introduction to Scientology Ethics - 1958

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