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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Free Scientology Material

Is there free scientology material?

It has been said that in life nothing is free. Anything you want will have to be paid for in one form or another, somewhere along the line.

In scientology this principle is well understood. It is interpreted as the principle of exchange. This principle of course should apply in any direction. It is a matter of flows. To receive is an inflow. To give is an outflow. A person can have a stuck flow by having a flow too long in one direction with out a proper balance.

For example if you receive a service or product from someone, there should be an exchange, a payment if you will, some sort of exchange for that service or product. The principle is not so much a moral one as an actual fact of life. If a person continually receives without balancing this by returning the flow or giving then the principle is violated and the person will end up the worse for wear. this can be seen socially where a group of people are continuously given money or funds and never have the opportunity of exchanging for that flow. This leaves them feeling rather bad and they can and do deteriorate as a result.

Children often want to contribute and are sometimes told they cannot and thus they tend to present themselves as a problem later in life having been denied the opportunity of exchanging their willingness to help the family for looking after them.

Those children who are permitted to 'exchange' some work or willingness tend to be better balanced people in later life.

Of course the exchange can be out on either side. Demanding too much for a product or service is just as bad as not having any exchange at all as it still violates the exchange principle since it causes an imbalance of exchange.

For example, the church of scientology leans in the direction of demanding too much for it's services and causes an imbalance thereby. Strangely enough this has not occurred to them despite it being a main principle of the philosophy that Lafayette Ron Hubbard developed and which one expects them to follow.

So when it comes to free scientology material, there really is not. True one can find scientology material online perhaps if one looks hard enough but to download this and use it without an exchange of some form is going, at some point, to cause a problem.

So how can one "get ones exchange in?" The basic principle is one of flows. A flow IN should be balanced by a flow OUT that satisfies the exchange principle. Some people understand this and will say, "I will help you but I don't want anything in return, instead pass along the help to another." This works very well also. One can exchange with, not just another person, but also with a group of people. One person in the group may flow to you and you can then flow, in return but to another individual within that group, or even another group and so on.

So the basic principle is one of balancing ones flows and it is not a new principle particularly but it is more understood in scientology due to the extensive research by Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

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