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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Freezone Vs Indies

A disturbance in the force is occurring within the scientology field outside of the church which must ironically both please and displease the COB (Chairman of the Board - David Miscavige) of the church.

After the death of L. Ron Hubbard (LRH) a young not particularly outstanding class IV auditor assumed the reins of the church. The history of how he arrived in scientology and his rise through the ranks can be found in many accounts on the net including the following summary at: (

It was from that point that the church began to contract and the scientology field began to expand as more and more long term and experienced scientologists were booted out. In the early years in fact close to 2000 scientology's, many of whom had worked closely with LRH were expelled from the church on the premise that they were suppressive to the aims of the church. Having been instrumental in moving the church towards achieving the churches' aims through their assistance to LRH, it is more likely that they were in opposition to the aims of the now incumbent Chairman of the Board ( Over the years many more have been expelled and excommunicated and, despite denials by church officials, excommunication is practiced even to this day (

In the early days the term Freezone was coined by the late Bill Robertson, a previously expelled member of the church, in 1983, and the concept has spread throughout the world with thousands of people using and practicing the technology of Lafayette Ron Hubbard in what is popularly known as the Freezone, sometimes also called the Free Zone. The biggest groups are in Europe Russia and the US but there are many hundreds of small groups and individuals using and practicing the technology of Lafayette Ron Hubbard. The Freezone, by definition is less rigid and not bound as is the 'official' Church of Scientology. In fact it encompasses even those that are liberal in their practice to the extent that their practice could be considered an altered version of the original and, in many cases, quite unrecognizable

This went along for a few years with people 'IN' the freezone practicing anything from strictly Standard Tech through to all the variations to a technology barely recognisable from the applied philosophy originated by LRH. This continued for some years. The only issue with this was the inability to distinguish between those practicing standard technology and those not, other that some due diligence on the individual or group concerned and perhaps their own declaration of the technology they practiced.

In an effort to establish a criteria of standard tech one group in particular, the then International Freezone Association, now called the Association of Professional Independent Scientologists, was set up to establish the standard within the scientology field that people could recognise as LRH's standard tech.

But all through this the church, or rather Miscavige, felt his monopoly and intention of halting the spread of the technology was threatened and in an effort to reduce the effect and spread of the technology through the field, began a series of activities designed to disrupt and splinter the field. Such activities are quite common place in many fields including governmental, the private sector as well as some religious organisations. They include:

Third party activity

In reports of the violence and degradation, in violation of the Churches' tenets as laid down by LRH, it seems apparent that attempts at control through pain and possibly even drugs and hypnosis (PDH) has been evident from the plethora of personal stories being recounted by recently leaving or, rather, escaping members of the church.

Many of these have been successful. Some have not. Most of the overt activities tend to be countered successfully these days, court actions etc, but the covert one, being more difficult to spot, have not always been located and addressed. As a result there has been dissention and disputes and even legal issues arising between field scientologists. Many of these will have been instigated and pushed into the field by operatives of the church's 'special affairs' dept (DSA) which replaced the original Guardians Office (GO).

The GO originally had the job of protecting the backside of the church from attacks from the media, specialty interest groups and the like. This purpose has been replaced by a different purpose. The current DSA now works primarily to stop and hinder field scientologists from practicing and disseminating the technology. Its purpose has changed. Its purpose is now to stop the technology being used. Not to protect its use.

Freezone Vs Indie
As a result of this and other issues, such as the willingness of some scientologists to take licence in practicing altered technology, possibly with the encouragement of OSA in order to bring discredit upon the freezone, the Freezone has become a potpourri of anything goes causing difficulty for anyone seeking the original technology outside of the church.

Enter here the Indie movement. Inde is short for Independent. These call themselves the Indie Scientologists as distinct from the Freezone, and are represented by a Facebook group by the same name. The distinction here is that the Indie Movement have declared they are for the original technology of LRH and are not in favor of an anything goes approach. This is an important distinction in that it.

A. allows people the freedom to practice as they wish in the freezone.
B. provides a playing field for OSA to focus their attention. i.e the Freezone, and importantly
C, provides a location in time and space at which those seeking the real scientology, as expressed in the works of L. Ron Hubbard as place to seek and find that technology and continue their progress up the bridge.

So we have effectively now two movements in the field. The Freezone, which is basically all those who wish to practice what they choose. It should be noted that there ARE many in the Freezone who DO practice the original technology. The problem is that one has to locate them and establish that they do indeed practice the original technology. Some due diligence that may be difficult for some people, especially after a recent arrive out of the church and who's stable data have suffered a severe setback.

Promoting the Indie Field as the repository of standard tech as strictly laid out by LRH will enable:

1. Those in the Freezone to declare their interest in the original technology of LRH and realign their purposes
2. Those seeking LRH technology and the bridge to find it safely
3. Being a closely knit group with no disagreement on the application of standard technology, there is no scope for OSA to enter the field in order to cause disruption
4. As the proponent of standard tech and traditionally that which the public seek, the Indie field is in a prime position to expand according to the purposes laid down by LRH.

It is important that this distinction is not cause for any fire fights between these two or any other groups. The application of granting of beingness, arc, mutual understanding and respect, not to mention manners, will enable both groups to co exist and possibly even make it safe for members from the freezone field to move to the Indie field without having to overcome any obstacles such as make wrong etc.

This way, provided the Indie field stays on course with LRH technology, it can expect to expand and continue the purposes LRH outlined for scientology on this planet.

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
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