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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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The Friends of LRH website

The is rapidly becoming a comprehensive website outlining the many changes that have occurred in the Church of Scientology since the demise of the Founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

Hubbard researched and developed a philosophy about man which eventually developed into a religion. During the early days, when Hubbard was alive and administering the church, continue developments were made and a complete technology and methodology was developed to apply the philosophy. This resulted in thousands of people developing increased awareness and relief from past bad experiences. The philosophy was popular and the tenets contained within the philosophy were understandable and easily applied by the individual.

A technology was developed by Hubbard for the application of the philosophy so that individual could learn how to improve their spiritual awareness and assist others in improving their spiritual awareness also. Such basic principles as the ARC triangle, the stable datum, what man really was and how the mind could affect man, were disseminated with unrivalled success.

The technology was developed to a point where it was easy to learn and apply by most people. Training in the philosophy and technology was affordable and the number of people, during that time in the 50s,60 and 70s was at an all time high.

Hubbard was almost fanatical about not changing the technology. Considerable research had been done to codify and streamline the technology to the point where it would work on every individual and any subsequent changes would simply violate the tried and tested approaches Hubbard had developed. So a number of issues were written by Hubbard to emphasise that point among which were:

Safeguarding Technology
Quickie Grades and the very well known
Keeping Scientology Working.

However, after the death of Hubbard, an individual by the name of David Miscaviage took over the church and things then began to change.

The technology was altered, Some parts were removed and some additions were made. This was done over a gradual period so that it seemed 'reasonable' It was also touted as being from Hubbard himself despite the fact that Hubbard had iterated the importance of not changing the technology.

Many technical aspects were changed including various definitions and processes. As it had been proven that Hubbard technology was what was wanted these changes eventually lead to a lessening of numbers within the Church. Other factors also influenced the gradual deterioration of the church and the numbers of people training in the technology began to diminish to where the numbers are in the twos and threes rather than the tens, twenties and even hundreds.

This is where the Friends of LRH website comes in. Here a very specific and comprehensive outline of the changes that have been made by David Miscaviage have been detailed. Not only that but the statistics of the Church in terms of training in the philosophy and technology are clearly shown to have diminished almost to the vanishing point. The statistics clearly shown here are taken from the Churches own publications and are a damning indictment of the mismanagement and administrative lack of competence of the Chairman of the Board, David Miscaviage.

In any corporation, in the world, such statistics would not have been tolerated and would have resulted in the immediate removal of the incumbent CEO or, in this case, Chairman of the Board.

This website clearly outlines where Miscaviage has blundered and even, some scientologists may say, betrayed Hubbard's trust in him if, indeed, he was trusted by Hubbard to continue to administer the church they way Hubbard would have wanted.

If, as some Scientologists consider, he simply took over a church with no titular head with a view to using it for his own purposes, then that may go part way to explaining why the church has deteriorated and shrunk from a mighty expanding philosophy to a tiny organisation existing on fund raising instead of selling and delivering the products originally developed by Hubbard.

As well as for scientologists in general, this website is highly recommended for scholars and research students interested in doing a precis of the Church of Scientology, its history and development.


Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
Association of Professional Independent Scientologists marysuehubbard.comL. Ron Hubbard Tribute

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