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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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How many miles must a thetan walk before he becomes OT?

LRH spent a lifetime researching and developing out of his research the philosophy and technology of application of that which is known as Scientology.

Although the basic philosophy never changed once researched and the basic principles of life the universe and everything in it (Not 42 I might add*) was established, he continued to hone the development of application over the years. Making it easier and easier for individuals to apply the technology and ensuring that nothing was left out.

Starting with Dianetics and then Scientology auditing, significant milestones were the discovery that one should not take at face value the first response to a question but continue asking it until one gets the real response from the being. The additional discovery of the end phenomenon. The breaking up of arc breaks into component parts so that the exact change on a case could be located and relief provided to the being. The application of the e-meter as an aid to locate charge and guide to its removal and many other discoveries and developments to bring a being up the states of being from unawareness to increased awareness.

This he called a route or bridge. This was a roadway to increased awareness for an individual. Along the way many side roads were discovered and checked out as that could have been the way out. LRH knew what was at the end of the road; it was just locating the right road through the maze to get there and at a shallow enough gradient that all individuals could travel it. All the roads, that are now side roads to the main road, were discarded as they were found wanting. Sometimes they looked good, or the results appeared, in the short term, to be favourable. But they only took one up a short way and not the full distance. LRH was looking for the road that took an individual up to the state of OT.

And he eventually found it.

The problem then became. How do you get people to travel on that route when the very points of an individual you are trying to handle are, in many cases, those points that cause one to procrastinate, misduplicate and generally not confront or see the road that should be travelled?

So I can fully understand his frustration when he issued, not once but many times, the KSW Policy letter and other issues in an attempt to get people to travel the route he laid out, having done all the work, been down the side streets and established WHICH road was the one that takes one up the levels to a higher state of operation.

"It has taken me a third of a century in this lifetime to tape this route out. It has been proven that efforts by Man to find different routes came to nothing. It is also a clear fact that the route called Scientology does lead out of the labyrinth. Therefore it is a workable system, a route that can be travelled.
What would you think of a guide who, because his party said it was dark and the road rough and who said another tunnel looked better, abandoned the route he knew would lead out and led his party to a lost nowhere in the dark? You'd think he was a pretty wishy-washy guide.
What would you think of a supervisor who let a student depart from procedure the supervisor knew worked? You'd think he was a pretty wishy-washy supervisor. What would happen in a labyrinth if the guide let some girl stop in a pretty canyon and left her there forever to contemplate the rocks? You'd think he was a pretty heartless guide. You'd expect him to say at least, "Miss, those rocks may be pretty, but the road out doesn't go that way."
All right, how about an auditor who abandons the procedure which will make his preclear eventually clear just because the preclear had cognition?"

During the 50s,60 and 70s people would travel miles, cross countries and continents just to get auditing and training. There was no phone auditing despite there being phones. There were no correspondence courses to make auditors. (There were extension courses to familiarise a student with various works and books). If one wanted auditing or training one went to where the auditors or academies were. If one wanted to do training drills, one did not look in the mirror or use a phone or screen. On sat in front of another person and confronted that individual. There was no laziness to getting the information or raising oneself up the grade chart. One simply applied discipline and did what was required.

Society today is culturing people to believe that time saving and labor saving devices are the norm and the right way to go about their activities. While labor saving devices have their place it does not mean that all activity, particularly that concerned with one's own beingness and eternal future, can be relegated to a computer screen. There was a guy not too long ago that invented a robot to audit people. I am not joking. This is the epitome of non-confront. This is not the way to go OT.

There is no instant route to OT. For billions of years thetans have been screwing themselves up. That is not going to be resolved within a week. It takes work, confront and discipline. Fortunately the time it takes is, by the dedication of LRH's hard work, less than a lifetime.

Let's not screw this up. Following standard tech and actually doing it the way LRH has laid it out will take a being to OT. No short cuts or side roads. Just following the route LRH laid out. So in answer to the question:

How many miles must a thetan walk before he becomes OT?

The answer my friend is in the Standard Tech. The answer is in the Standard Tech.

*A reference to the book Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe by the late Doug Adams in which the supreme computer stated that the answer to the universe was ... 42.

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
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