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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Mary Sue Hubbard

Mary Sue Hubbard Born in Rockdale, Texas USA, Mary Sue was actually raised in Houston, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from Texas University. She shortly discovered Dianetics and, giving up a potential career in petroleum research, trained in Dianetics, receiving her Hubbard Dianetic Auditors Certificate in Wichita, Kansas in 1951. Mary Sue promptly became a staff auditor and then began to help Ron as a research auditor.

In 1952, Mary Sue and Ron were married. There followed a turbulent period during which Ron successfully wrested his materials from the early boards of directors. Mary Sue then travelled with Ron to Phoenix, Arizona where they established the first organisation. Ron controlled the Office of L.Ron Hubbard, which was located at 1405 North Central Avenue in Phoenix Arizona. This became, in a few months, the Hubbard Association of Scientologists.

Something not generally known is that, among other things, Mary Sue helped Ron to coin the word "Scientology".

In Phoenix during the attempts to take control of Scientology by one Don J. Purcell, Mary Sue became ill and, in order to save her life, Ron took her to the UK. While he was there several Dianetic groups asked him to form an organisation and they proceeded to do that.

When the British organisation had been formed, Mary Sue went with Ron to Spain and then back to Camden, New Jersey, to better organize US Scientology. From Camden they went back to Phoenix where Quentin and then later Suzette were born.

During this time, as well as being a mother and running a household Mary Sue still found time to hold every post within the organisation at one time or another as well as assisting Ron in his continual research.

In 1955 Mary Sue helped to establish the Washington organisation and was its first Academy Supervisor. After spending several months abroad, Mary Sue returned to Washington and in 1958 Arthur was born. Mary Sue then assisted in the establishment of the International Headquarters at Saint Hill, UK in 1959.

Mary Sue was known for her constant good sense and devotion to Ron and to Scientology. She earned the trust of the staff and public, and it was a well known fact that, when Mary Sue took over a post in an organisation, it would prosper and be highly successful. When Mary Sue gave her attention to an organisation it came out of the red into the black in short order.

Even the media, not noted for their kindness to Ron or Scientology, never referred to Mary Sue as anything less than "charming".

Right up to 1964 Mary Sue assisted Ron in his research and was Ron's co-auditor working their way through the mental jungle we now know so well. Mary Sue actually was sitting in an overrun at Grade VI (Clearing Course) for many months until the Clearing Course supervisor ordered a check and it was subsequently found that Mary Sue had been Clear for almost a year.

Mary Sue passed an extremely thorough Grade check on January 26th 1967 and was announced Clear No 208.

Mary Sue had been a guide through Scientology for over twenty years, working 10-12 hours a day. She assisted with the original research on the E-meter. She helped Ron map out the track and assisted with the processes we now have and use today.

Mary Sue said about her Clearing:

"The adventure of self-discovery through Scientology is the most exciting and rewarding anyone can experience. Through Grades of Processing, the complexities and aberrations fall away and one is again himself - unique amongst all others, with experience and abilities available for which one dreamed, yet dared not to hope as possible. And one is Clear.

To those enroute, the high adventure lies ahead. Take courage - the Road is sure and the chains are no longer forever binding. "To those who are Clear and going OT I am proud to be with you - we have much to do and the future is ours." "To my dear husband, auditor, teacher and our Founder go my thanks and acknowledgement for having given the most precious gifts of Freedom and true Beingness to me and my fellow Man. Without him, none of this would have been possible; and so to Ron goes my everlasting gratitude for having provided for all of us the Road to Clear."

Mary Sue worked with Ron in many areas and was known for her high work ethic. She was a devoted wife and a staunch good friend to Ron. It has been said that if the world was lucky to have Ron, then Ron was lucky to have Mary Sue!

Further information on Mary Sue is available at Mary Sue Hubbard

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
Association of Professional Independent Scientologists marysuehubbard.comL. Ron Hubbard Tribute

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