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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Mr Miscavige

David Miscaviage As the Chairman of the Board of one of the more progressive religions of the world, there seem to be some governance issues which you are duty bound to observe, and as you hold in trust the fate of the only technology developed to clear man who, for reasons likely best known to yourself, is no longer with us.

Corporate Governance is the method by which a corporation or organisation is governed or controlled. How it is run and administered and what policy and guidelines it operates from. As the Chairman of the Board, your duty is to apply a duty of care and governance required for the purposes of the position and the Chairman of a Board has very clear cut responsibilities:

Ensuring that the board has available all the relevant policy documents to do their duty.

Setting the board agenda including all appropriate items included.

Running the board meetings.

Ensuring that all board members can express their views and that they all participate in the decision making process.

And that, as a first duty, any conflicts of interest or duty is raise at the beginning of the meeting in the event any board members needs to recluse him or her self from the meeting in accordance with board policy.

The Chair has a role to ensure a balance is maintained to ensure that all board members have a fair opportunity to ask questions and express their views. Directors have a duty to follow a code of conduct which includes, acting with honesty and integrity. Being open and transparent in their dealings. Using power responsibly and not placing them in a position that would involve a conflict of interest.

To further clarify here are some points you should be aware of.

Management of any group, particularly one that has an advance technology for enlightening people and reducing the cause of stress and engramic sources is not done by instilling FURTHER engrams and stress into individuals through abuse and violence. That is the very antithesis of what LRH was trying to achieve and spent over 50 years developing a technology to reduce such activities and their results. Proper and effective management is done by following the management principles and policies LRH laid down in the management volumes. Only dictators and some third world countries use violence to impose their will. Your current course of action guarantees that in historically, you will be lumped together with such individuals as Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and the like. A small time piker mass exterminator.

Proper management is done by educating people into the purposes and practices of management. Even non scientology managers and board members know that.

The suppressives of the world number only 2.5 percent of the population. Not the other way around. Most people are not suppressive. In fact ALL people are basically good and even the few suppressives there are on this planet can be handled. Hence the LRH's announcement that as all cases can be handled disconnection is no longer required.

Ron's dream of clearing the planet did not exclude anyone. If it did it would not be a cleared planet but would be something less than that. Ron spent his life developing the technology. It needs no 'improvement' it needs no 'cleaning up' and being presented in a 'different' way. It simply needs to be exported and used as LRH intended. GAT version 1, 2 or even any subsequent versions are not required and not endorsed by LRH. The technology is not a ROCKY movie. It is a fait accompli. Over the year, properly applied it has cleared thousands and made thousands of OTs. No additions, changes, reductions or improvements are required.

An ideal org is not a vacant fancy building. It is an ordinary building bustling with activity where academies are bursting full of students training to be auditors, where people are in session and the auditing rooms are fill. Where the tone level is rather high and there is an undercurrent of excitement and where people stand up flushed with recent wins and gains achieved through the use of LRH developed technology.

According to LRH, Orgs are supposed make money from delivering auditing and training, not by touting for donations to serve some fanciful purpose such as a new fancy building. Scientology is about improving people's abilities, not about the acquisition of real estate. Real estate does not clear people. LRH Technology does.

OSA, formerly the Guardians Office, was set up to make the environment safe and protect the technology so that it could be safely delivered in a secure environment. It was not designed to stop the use of technology to free people by enforcing an outmoded and unrequired disconnection policy. It was not designed to stop the use of the technology.

Now if you think that violence is the proper management tool to get things done, and that anyone who disagrees with a hardline should be disconnected and that fancy buildings are senior to people training and being audited and that punishment is a more effective way of handling people than using the original technology LRH developed, then you are doing both yourself as well as others a gross disservice. Not only that you are betraying the trust of LRH and bringing the church into disrepute. As the church is now betraying the original purpose and cause LRH intended it is being perceived as having betrayed the trust instilled in it and it will naturally be attacked from all quarters.

Mr Miscavige, if deep deep down you truly consider that you could never be wrong, and insist on maintain you rightness in the face of the above, then perhaps you need to seriously look at who the real SP on the lines is.

And offer up your resignation before you destroy scientology completely.

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Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
Association of Professional Independent Scientologists marysuehubbard.comL. Ron Hubbard Tribute

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