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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Napoleon & Miscavige

Napoleon Bonaparte

When you look at the life of Napoleon and the life of Miscavige (up to now) some uncomfortable and startling comparisons can be made.

Early life
Not a lot of similarities here. Each grew up influenced by their surroundings and each striving to be the top dog in their field. For Napoleon it was a simple case of promote promote promote. For Miscavige it was rise as high as possible and wait for LRH to die (or encourage?)so he could grab the reigns. Both grew up in their respective fields but a glimmer of despotism was showing even at an early age.

Coup d'état
It was the Coup d'état that changed all that in both cases. For Napoleon it was the crowning of himself as Emperor in the Notre Dame of all France and its territories.

For Miscavige, it was assigning himself Chairman of the Board and elevating that position to supreme Emperor Status within the scientology ecclesiastical empire.

From this moment on it was the goal of both Miscavige and Napoleon to remove all those that would show or offer any opposition to him. For Napoleon it was exile or imprisonment. For Miscavige it was either incarceration or disconnection.

Trusted positions, in Nappy's case, were given to familial members and yes men who could be trusted to rule over foreign lands, impose French laws and taxation. Napoleon's wars killed over three million people. In Miscavige's case it was to surround himself with unthinking yes men or women who would be ruled by terror and threats of eternal spiritual damnation if they did not comply. Compliance was enforced with abuse both physical as well as mental and, by all accounts, continues to this day. This is the sword of Damocles held over their heads and it is with great difficulty and courage that many have sought to leave and brave it alone in what they believe is the hinterland. The outside world. Of course when they do leave they discover the reality which is that Scientology is no longer in the church having been ruthlessly driven out by the despot, and now resides free and in a clear atmosphere of theta in the independent field.

Draconian Rule
Under Napoleon the famous Napoleonic Code of Laws made women second class citizens and a woman's husband held legal control over her possessions and property. He reversed a decree of the revolutionary government in order to re-establish slavery in the French Colonies. In the church no one has property rights, especially those working in slave like conditions in what is erroneously called the Rehabilitation Force Project (RPF). I say erroneously as, yes once it was designed to rehabilitate individuals but now it is simply a cheap labor force, much as you would find in some parts of Asian, only with less pay. His opponents were imprisoned or exiled.

David Miscaviage Miscavige has likewise imprisoned staff into what has been described as the 'hole' according to testimony by former inmates. Others are booted out, disconnected and hounded by paid 'security' personnel.

Napoleon dumped Josephine to take a wife who was able to bear him a child and so continue his dynasty.

Miscavige is married to fellow Sea Org member Michele Diane "Shelly" Miscavige, who, according to Lawrence Wright in The New Yorker, "disappeared" in 2006, and "her current status is unknown." Wright's sources allege that her disappearance occurred after she "filled several job vacancies without her husband's permission." There seems to have been no replacement reported as yet.

There were deaths in the Napoleonic reign. There have been questionable deaths in the Miscavige reign. E.g.

Lisa McPherson
Heribert Pfaff
Josephus Havenith
Stacy Meyer
And recently Alexander Jentzsch

To name but five.

From this point there is a divergence in the similarities due to the fact that David Miscavige is still around while Napoleon Bonaparte is gone.

Influence in high places?
Despite what these days would be called war crimes, Napoleon continues to be regarded favourably by the French and remains, paradoxically a hero to the French peoples. Miscavige, however, is becoming more and more unpopular as more and more staff and parishioners leave the church and more of his crimes are exposed.

Yet the authorities appear to want to do nothing, despite testimony by former victims of abuse and suffering despite deaths of a questionable nature. Many investigations have been initiated but, mysteriously, a point is reach where they die a sudden death. It has been suggested that this is because the government does not want to interfere in religious orders and how they treat their parishioners. Yet this did not stop WACO and even recently did not stop raids on:

Tony Alamo Christian Ministries complex
First Baptist Church in Eldorado, Texas
Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

To name but a few, so this excuse is lame and does not hold up.

If the FBI and Sheriffs want to raid a religious order for suspect crimes, they will. Regardless of the rights or wrongs or if any crimes are committed or not. No, something else is hindering the full and proper investigation of crimes testified. An example of influence is in 2011 when Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca, who has been found promoting church services while posing in his Sheriff Uniform came under investigation for this and his apparent connections to the church.

And in March 2012 it seems that an FBI investigations into abuses within the church was, for the want of a better word ... suppressed. By someone with considerable clout within Washington. 5

However, in the end perhaps, very soon, like Napoleon, despite any influence he holds over others, despite the abuse and fear tactics, Miscavige will eventually get his just deserts. It is said that one gets what one resists so will likely end up incarcerated where he belongs, not on an island in the Atlantic or Mediterranean, but in a small cell in a high security prison.

Book: Napoleon: Revolution to Empire. Ted Gott. National Gallery of Victoria, Australia. ISBN 9780724103560,,20196249,00.html

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