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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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No Substitute for Standard Tech

Hubbard pointed out in HCO POLICY LETTER OF 31 MAY 1968, Issue I (Reissued from Flag Order 800)

"There is one Tech and that is Standard Tech.
Unfortunately there is other tech around. This other tech is a liability. Other tech is defined as any tech which is not Standard Tech.
Let's start punching this hard."

Auditing Clears on Dianetics, using Skype (and even programmed Robots as was done some years ago) to audit at a distance with the PC, not being in front of the auditor and other activities such as Excalibur, are not Standard Tech. At best they are squirrel and at worse a reversal of Standard Tech.

Excuses for using such out tech do not justify the drop away from Standard Tech, "it's too far to go for auditing," or "It is easier and more convenient." or "we have to keep up with and use modern technology," or "we have advanced LRH technology," or "We are using CBR Technology now," and so on ad nauseum, are some of the excuses used to deviate from Standard Tech as LRH laid down.

I could have used Skype, a common method of lazy auditing for example, to 'move up the bridge.' I chose instead to use standard tech and travelled around the planet to ensure that was what I got. And I did. I hoisted myself up by my boot straps and made it go right, so I am not asking anyone else to do something I have not done. Skype is a lazy man's tech. A non-confront by the auditor. TRs are grossly out as the auditor is NOT THERE (Ref HCOB TRs Modernized) as per TR0. If a person could go up the bridge with distance auditing it would have been done by phone. Apart from ONE instance where LRH had to get on the phone to assist someone in an emergency (and an emergency does not equate to a normal situation) all auditing is done with the auditor in front of the pc FACING the pc (apart from Solo auditing which has its own rules of auditing). There is no excuse for it and those that do it know that, which is why they go to such great efforts to justify it.

LRH Clearly states in HCOBs that Dianetics Auditing should not be done on Clears. For example:


New Era Dianetics or any Dianetics is NOT to be run on Clears or above or on Dianetic Clears.
This applies even when they say they can see some pictures.
Anyone who has purchased NED auditing who is Clear or above must be routed to an AO or Flag to receive the special NED Rundown for OTs. They are NOT to be run on regular New Era Dianetics.
Anyone who is Clear but not OT III is to get through OT III immediately so he can receive this special rundown.
The EP of this rundown is: CAUSE OVER LIFE.

Yet this is being done in the field in violation of this. In addition running Power Processes (Pr Prs) on Clears is being done in the field because 'Neville Chamberlain said it was ok.' Regardless of Neville Chamberlains class level he was not LRH and LRH has clearly stated that Power and Power Plus should not be run on clears.

"Never EVER NEVER run or Rehab Pr Prs on a person after they are Clear. You will always mess up a case if you do. It's dangerous."

Excalibur was not issued by LRH and is therefore NOT Standard Tech. It was an origination of Bill Robertson and so is off source but Rons Orgs has acknowledged that and calls it's technology by another name, Excalibur and acknowledges that it was originated by Bill Robertson and their clientele are offered the choice of that and/or standard tech) so, although not LRH Standard tech, clearly ensure there is no mistake on the matter.

Of course people are free to use whatever they wish on themselves. But it is an overt to use a technology that is NOT Standard Tech on another and call it Standard Tech. Indeed it could also be considered an overt and is, at the very least, an injustice to perform such an act on oneself since it impedes the route out. And why is it an overt? Because it is deceptive and dilutes the philosophy and practice of Standard Tech and continued and reasonably accepted would result in the tech disappearing in a welter of other practices and alter-is.

Standard Tech, the philosophy, application and practice, is the only tech we have that will salvage beings in this universe. It is like one nugget of gold in a land full of lead, one flower in a vast desert. And it is so easily misduplicated, misunderstood, disliked where it conflicts with the exposure of overts, and fought against by those who wish their overts to remain hidden or who have a hidden terror of others, that it is in real danger of being lost.

Let us ensure that this golden drop is not lost or diluted in the ocean of insanity in which it finds itself.

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
Association of Professional Independent Scientologists marysuehubbard.comL. Ron Hubbard Tribute

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