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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Open Letter to all Scientologists

By Samantha Domingo
OTV, Patron with Honors, Class I Auditor, HDA Auditor, KTL/LOC Grad, PTS/SP Course Grad, Hubbard Professional Course Supervisor, Hubbard Professional Word Clearer, OEC Vol 0, 5 and 7, Exec Status I & II. Sea Org Member for 6 years, Fully hatted ex Flag Rep AOSHUK, Fully hatted Snr Qual Sec UK, Fully hatted KOT UK, Fully trained Sea Org Missionair, Fully hatted D of T 4A CCInt, Div 4 Sec AOLA OTC, Door to Door Recovery I/C Flag OTC

LRH did not appoint David Miscagive as the 'Chairman of the Board' there is no such post.

If it isn't written it isn't true. Every Scientologists knows this basic policy.

David Miscavige (by his own admission) staged a coup to take over the church after LRH's mysterious death (and WHY was there not a public funeral for his FRIENDS?)

As a fellow Scientologists I am asking you to LOOK at the facts that high ranking Sea Org Members have come forward with to expose David Miscavige's corruption of our religion. These whistle-blowers were highly respected Sea Org Members in such posistions as IG Ethics RTC, CO CMO Int, CO OSA Int, WDC CC, Marketing Executive Int. Are they all just a bunch of lying SPs? Why would such dedicate themselves to a billion year contract in the first place and make it to the top echelons of management? And what possible motive could they have for making up what they are saying happened? LOOK AT IT! The worst that can happen to you, is that it will come up in your next sec check!

Do you work for LRH's dream of freedom or David Miscavige's descent into MEST madness?

Anyone daring to speak out about the truth is summarily declared suppressive and their friends and family members forced to disconnect. Those who have been declared (many OT V and above) are denied their basic rights as Scientologists to a Comm Ev. Is this justice?

If you truly believe that I am suppressive (you who have known me) then I am saddened and I would like you to know that I am pursuing a Comm Ev via the UK Continental Justice Chief to clear my name. The Church you believe in and support will not apply the basic ethics and justice policies that LRH afforded EVERY Scientologist so there could be no room for vicious gossip, opinion, 3P and rumor mongering when it came to finding out the truth.

If you ever were a friend to me, and remain a friend to LRH, then you have a duty to acknowledge the out-points and compare the existing scene to that which LRH was working for. Would he approve of the big, shiny, expensive MEST buildings which mask the fact that the orgs are struggling to survive while delivery is faltering and producing bad results and a muddied, ARCXen field?

Please look at the facts and do something about it. And if you are told that I or my friends (and some of your friends) are suppressive then please remind whomever is forwarding this information to you, that until a Comm Ev can be legally convened before our peers then we cannot be pronounced guilty of demanding our rights to practice standard Scientology outside of the influence of money motivated corruption and the suppression of demands for more and more money for which there is no exchange and no delivery.

For those of you who were public at Flag please find out the truth about Debbie Cook's sudden disappearance from Flag (clue - she and Wayne blew together and then were pressured into remaining silent about what they knew). Debbie became very sick after leaving the church and is afraid to speak the truth. Those of you who knew and loved her have a duty as her friend to find out what really happened to her.

It's time to wake up. It's time to confront the out-points that each and every single one of you know to be there. It is not a crime to have disagreements with what 'management' (David Miscavige) is doing to your religion. It is not a generality. It is one man. It is not a crime to look for truth outside of what you are 'fed' by OSA. It is your RIGHT and DUTY as a Scientologist to 'Look don't Listen'.

But it IS a crime to sit back and allow Scientology to be destroyed by accepting verbal tech, illegal posting orders, Illegal post removals, false reports (stats), verbal orders and off source illegal technology where the you cannot fully apply the verbal tech checklist to your own satisfaction. It is a High Crime because it will eventually lead to the destruction of Scientology and it is a forbidden violation of KSW 1

Right now, REAL dedicated Scientologists around the world are fighting to salvage your religion and to repair the many destroyed relationships that David Miscavige's led OSA has enforced upon Scientologists who refuse to bow to his new regime. You will find them (and perhaps some old friends of yours who have 'disappeared') here: Feel free to read what they have to say and decide for yourselves whether these people are Anti-LRH and Anti-Scientology as many are told, or whether they are actually your friends.

If my words bring any doubts of your own to the surface then I urge you do do a full Doubt Formula and decide whether those who would cut comm lines, threaten the survival of your fiends and families with a corrupted use of the PTS/SP technology and deny Scientologists the right to speak and seek justice within the church are really striving for the goal of theta, ARC, open communication, resolution of upsets and total freedom. Examine the real stats. Not the enforced attendance of 'events' that implant made-up stats and meaningless PR in order to stop you from looking at the real stats:

"Well trained auditors and thoroughly audited PC's NOT numbers of shiny new (empty) pieces of real estate".

It's time to summon up your courage and decide whether you are a friend to LRH or not.

Samantha Domingo
dedicated single mother to 3 children cheated out of a father and friends by the church, friend to LRH and those who support the recovery of his legacy to mankind ... and rumored SP!

With continued love and dedication for LRH. The man who's dream has been so corrupted and who's friends have been betrayed by a pretender to the throne and who has conspired and bullied his way into replacing LRH as source, thus denying access to the Bridge for mankind.

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