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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Operating Thetan


What is an OT (Operating Thetan)?

I recall when I was at the lower end of the chart. I had many hidden standards about what an OT was. It was something of a mystery and I believed that OTs could do all sorts of mysterious things like levitate or read minds and other fascinating activities. I soaked up all the OT success stories in the Advance Magazines in those days and believed an OT was some sort of God developed from a human being.

Of course in a way I was right but now, having completed many OT levels, I have a much deeper understanding of what OT really is.

"Your potentialities are a great deal better than anyone ever permitted you to believe."

A famous sculpture when asked how he created such master pieces stated that when he gets a block of stone or marble he cuts away what he does not want and leaves what he does want.

In fact we are ALL OTs. Every being or thetan is an OT to some degree. It is a matter not of being OT but the degree to which we are OT. A person who has not attained OT on the grade chart is like a person under water wearing several overcoats and with a concrete block tied securely to their feet. It is stuffy, heavy and almost impossible to move around. As a person moves up the grade chart they gradually remove the hindrances they have been carrying around. The heavy overcoats one by one are removed helping one to become freer. One then chips away at the concrete block so it gets smaller and smaller. Eventually it is small enough to be easily removed and then at CLEAR the concrete block holding one down is finally gone. One can move around now but one is still deep under water and moving around is sluggish and hard to do. Doing OT III one finally moves out of the water into the fresh air. One feels free, more able to move around and the sluggishness is gone.

"It is impossible to reduce an ability. About the only things you can do is reduce its exercise or the willingness to exercise it."
Control and the Mechanics of S.C.S

One can then start to exercise ones 'thetanish' muscles operate as a being without the encumbrances one has had for so long. But it takes exercise. If you sit still for hours on end and then move there is a certain stiffness and inertia to overcome. A thetan who has been cramped for over a millennia needs to exercise and practice. And the more one practices the more one becomes 'OT'.

"There could be three things wrong with any person and these would be the inability to start, the inability to change, the inability to stop."
The Fundamentals of Thought

So everyone you meet or see is basically an OT. The question is, to what degree are they OT? And how much are they seeped in ignorance of their true state resulting in not 'being' OT?

So how do you become an OT? How do you increase your awareness and space around you and your understanding of yourself and the universe around you? You read some books to start with. Books such as:

The Fundamentals of Thought
Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health
New Slant on Life

These are three good books to start with. You can then seek out an auditor and start your adventure up the bridge to full OT. If you are in a remote area with no auditors available you can start using the two books Self-Analysis, and Handbook for Preclears in that order. That will start you on the road to CLEAR and OT.

OT is not that far away. An OT can be seen in the nearest mirror

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
Association of Professional Independent Scientologists marysuehubbard.comL. Ron Hubbard Tribute

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