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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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"Resistance is Futile"

The Borg*

"Anything you resist you get. Anything you resist you become - the favorite motto of this universe."

This is a basic principle which we are all acquainted with. "What you resist you become".

This principle can be clearly seen throughout history. The Romans resisting Christianity to such a degree that Rome became the seat of the Catholic Empire.

The Americans wearing German Helmets just after the war.

The US Government having resisted communism so violently and actively are now adopting the Communist Manifesto in principle if not in name more and more each day. Personal rights are being eroded and violated at an alarming rate and laws passed in direct violation of the American Constitution.

Russia and China have resisted capitalism strenuously and, as a result, are adopting more and more capitalistic policies and accumulating millionaires and billionaires by the dozen.

Many other examples can be found if one looks around.

Take the Church of Scientology for example.

The heavy handled resistance of the Church of Scientology to its own tenets and to the flagrant misuse and altering of the applied philosophy and technology of application as well as the ethics and finance policies originally issued by Ron Hubbard have resulted in the virtual destruction of the philosophy that was once called Scientology.

The Church of Scientology has resisted alterised and out tech, out ethics and destructive finance policies so much they have now become the seat of it.

By way of example, one of the basic principles of Scientology is that to rid oneself of something undesired, one simply seeks it out and confronts it.

The more one confronts it the less of an effect it will have on one. By the same token the less one confronts something the more it will continue to persist. By instituting a strict policy of not allowing its staff and parishioners to look at anything which could be described as criticism or anything on the internet relating to Scientology not issued by the Church, the church has created a resistance resulting in massive public opinion against the church coupled with a mass exodus.

In a 1954 PDC Tape (Tape 20) Ron predicted that the technology of scientology would be used destructively against the scientology organization and its basic goals and principles. 50 years later, we have lived to see this prophecy come true. But, surprise, surprise, it came from within.

The Church has resisted tech, alterised tech and misapplied ethics to the point where they now practice it themselves. Squirrel technology and haphazard Security Checks have subsequently resulted in a bridge altered so many times and processes dropped and changed so much that no one quite knows, at first glance, what the truth is anymore within the church. Basic principles have been changed. Tapes and books altered and vital data missing. The blanket use of ethics to stop and be used as a punishment rather than assisting to ensure the technology is being applied. The finance polices perverted to price the services out of reach of all but the wealthy or those willing to violate the exchange principles and dive into debt in a desperate attempt to go free (an alter is and a contradiction in terms if ever there was one).

The self styled Chairman of the Board of the church has resisted evil to such a degree and for so long that he now displays the epitome of evil in his dealings with individuals and has become the antithesis of the philosophy itself.

The Church has resisted misuse of the technology to such a marked degree that they themselves have now ended up misusing the technology in precisely the same way they were resisting it in the first place.

Be aware however that this basic principle holds no allegiance and applies in the field just as much as anywhere else. There are many instances of intolerance and resistance in the field between scientologists practicing outside of the church. The blind refusal to look resulting in the persistence of that which one is not looking at continues unabated here also in many areas.

This is, in effect, a none application of the very technology a Scientologist is supposed to use. Confronting people and issues should not be relegated to the auditing room only. It applies very much in life as can be seen all around one.

The quote of: "Anything you resist you get. Anything you resist you become - the favorite motto of this universe." Is not some fanciful notion. It is a hard and fast rule and applies to individuals, groups, nations and, indeed, probably planets. It does say universe so that does not exclude anything or anyone.

So how do we ensure we do not 'resist' that which we find distasteful? I hear you ask. How do we ensure we do NOT fall into the same trap? How do we ensure we handle effectively altered technology, ethics and policy without resisting it? Face up to and handle evil without resisting it?

The answer is very simple and is contained within the technology itself. Not only did Ron discuss the problem but he also gave us the answer as well. The Church would have been resoundingly successful if, instead of rejecting those it considered out-ethics, out-tech, off policy and issuing streams of SP orders to cut comm and absolve responsibility, it had actually instituted a project of handling the individual. Not with punishment and declaring anyone and everyone but using the basic technology such as study tech, auditing, correct ethics handlings with a view to getting the technology in where it was not. Also instituting a measure of self correction, particularly at the upper levels of Management.

If they had admired the individuality of people and put that to good use rather than resist it with all their might. If they had, instead of lashing out with legal suits in all directions, harassing individuals and groups, instead communicated with those they disagreed with. They just might have salvaged the church.

Of course it could be argued that there was no intention to 'save' the church but the intention was, and still is, to destroy it.

As it stands, the field and what the church is pleased to call apostates are resisted to such a degree that church adherents are not allowed to look at the internet at all. A sure guarantee of 'you get what you resist'. As they have satisfactorily (to my mind) placed the field out of their area of responsibility and therefore control. They are resisting almost everything. Well ... you might say. For the Church ... resist away!

But how do we resist the urge to resist?

It is very simply a matter of what one puts ones attention on.

One gets that which one places one's attention on. If one's attention is placed on the negative aspects of the issue then of course that is what one is going to get. If the emphasis is placed more on the positive accent then that is what one will get. In practical terms this means promoting the philosophy of Scientology as the answer to man's problems. As the route to freedom. It means pouring the hot coals on the original purpose of Scientology. Getting more people in and moving up the bridge. Going Clear and OT. Doing that which has been successful.

Promoting the bridge Ron originally issued and getting people up it. Not focusing on what one could or should resist but on what one can do to help people confront their issues and help to enlighten them.

For the church it is probably too late. They are on a downward spiral. But we can take advantage of the resistance of the Church for this will give us more people. The more the Scientology field is resisted the more it will encroach upon that which resists it. Not because we desire so but because it is one of the laws of this particular universe. In that sense we will win provided we simply apply the philosophy exactly as Ron Hubbard intended.

*The Borg are a collection of species that have turned into cybernetic organisms functioning as drones of the collective the hive, pseudo-race, dwelling in the Star Trek universe. The Borg take other species by force into the collective and connect them to "the hive mind"; the act is called assimilation entails violence, abductions, and injections of cybernetic implants. The Borg's ultimate goal is "achieving perfection".

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
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