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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Scientology the Hidden Philosophy

L. Ron Hubbard

There are two Scientology's. The one seen in the media each day. The Public Scientology with the Tom Cruises. Kirstie Alley and other well-known stars. The ongoing court cases and the documented abuses that go on in the church.

And then there is the other Scientology. The real Scientology. This is the original philosophy, researched and developed by L. Ron Hubbard, often touted as a science fiction writer (a respectful label when you consider George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Arthur C Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan, Fred Hoyle, Ray Bradbury and many other famous authors and scientists fit into that category) but also a scientists and well-travelled individual.

The philosophy and religion of Scientology, however, is as far from the official church (consisting of the private non-profit company called Church of Spiritual Technology, the Religious Technology Centre and the Church of Scientology International) as it is possible to be and yet still be on the same planet.

When Hubbard was at the helm, the church did indeed practice scientology and expanded and helped many people to become more aware as beings. The philosophy was promoted and people were welcomed into the church. Families and family life was promoted and the costs of the services were reasonable.

After his death, however, a new regime emerged and all that changed. The emphasis became money dedication to the exclusion of all else and a paranoiac obsession that anyone not with the church is against it. Church members are not allowed to look at the internet or anything the church management deemed contrary to church doctrine. A classic case of violating one of the basic doctrines of the philosophy.

Many of the original followers that assisted Hubbard with his research were booted out. Scripts and books were changed and a very effective 1984 job has been done on the literature and auditing and training, and the basic services the church was set up to deliver, are at a standstill. Even the wife of Hubbard, a tireless supporter, has become persona non grata with the church.

The church activities are well documented around the planet in a plethora of media, books video and social networks so we will not be covering that here. This is instead, about the hidden philosophy of Scientology and what it actually is and does.

As a philosophy Scientology fulfils The definition of philosophy:

The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline

And scientology does this in its tenets, premises and statements about life the universe and everything in it (none of which has anything to do with the number 42). However, it is the application part of this philosophy that makes it unique among others since most attempt simply to describe the fundamentals of life and the universe and rely on faith to retain adherents whereas in Scientology there is an application that anyone can try to see it working and the subsequent results.

The philosophical side of Scientology is not a great deal different to many other philosophies. That Man is a spiritual being is the first principle and we see this run in most religions and philosophies throughout time. That a spiritual being lives for successive lives is also not new as demonstrated in the Hindu, Tibetan and Buddhist religions. The Dalai Lama Head of the Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, is accepted even by mainstream as the 14th reincarnation, an implicit agreement that reincarnation is a well-accepted fact. In Scientology, reincarnation is subject to proof by an individual honestly moving up the levels.

Scientology tends to use different terminology to distinguish it from other similar practices; hence a soul or spiritual being is called a Thetan, from the Greek theta or spirit. Reincarnation is called Past Lives. Early on in the piece past lives become apparent when, during Dianetic therapy, the release of past traumas did not fully resolve unless the Preclear's (Preclear is a person receiving either scientology or Dianetic auditing) volunteering of past live events were accepted and traced back also. Although it can be established that past lives exist and, in fact, many philosophies are based upon this, (the biggest being the Hindi and the Buddhist philosophy), not a lot of attention has been paid to the effects of past lives upon the current life of the individual previously. However when you think about it, an individual that has had hundreds of past lives going back into the distant past is very likely to have had many traumatic events in those lives, including, certainly for each life, a birth and a death. The memory of those and other traumatic events and their circumstances may be forgotten, after all who wants to remember a death, but it is evident that the trauma and underlying feelings associated with them are not and carry through into the present time with a resultant effect upon the individual.

The discovery that an individual may have trauma that from the past that affects their wellbeing in the present is not new. What is new is the way that such trauma is discovered and addressed and here lies one of the simple most important discoveries by Hubbard.

These discoveries by Hubbard and many subsequent others as a result of the continual accumulation of further discoveries brought into being the philosophy known as Scientology. Various tenets and basic principles were able to be found regarding an individual and how he or she fits in the universe.

Of course, none of this is mentioned in the media, it being concerned only with controversy. The media instead hones in on the church and the controversy that surrounds it. Part of this is due to a basic principle that was discovered by Hubbard that if one does not deliver what one promises then there will be a sense of betrayal and the group will end up being attacked. This is now so evident. The church, upon the demise of Hubbard, and under the leadership of the current incumbent, embarked on a course of action that included non-delivery of the original applied philosophy and a violation some of the most basic tenets including accepting people into the church, maintaining friendly relations and adhering to the original purposes of Hubbard.

Fortunately one can find the original philosophy and technology of application elsewhere in what Scientologists call the field. It is important that when seeking to find out about and understand the philosophy and technology that one checks for those that have and apply the original philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard and not some derivation thereof. The reason for this is that the philosophy and methodology of Hubbard has been tried and tested to produce very specific results. No such guarantees can be applied to variants and changes to the methods used to apply the basic philosophy or even any other philosophy. Hence checking out some of the websites such as the Association of Professional Independent Scientologists for example, will ensure that an individual can safely start and continue on the road to reducing past traumas and increasing their ability to be happy and healthy individuals.

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