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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Scientology Controversies

scientology sign The Irresponsibleness of the New Leaders.

In February 1967, LRH wrote a Policy set to be an example on how to be a leader, commenting repeatedly on the heroic, but sad fates of Simon Bolivar and his consort Manuela Saenz.

15 years later the same Policy would be used first against LRH, then against his family, and ultimately against anyone who would stand in the path of a ruthless and unscrupulous self-appointed usurper in his bid to satisfy his own lust for Power.

Many people have asked me over the years, how could a small group of selfish and relatively inexperienced people take over control of the Church so effectively. A great number of fanciful theories, some of them quite elaborate have been dreamed up over the years to explain it. They range from Alien (Extra-Terrestrial) influence to the abduction and replacement by a look alike at various possible dates ranging from the Mid 1980s all the way back to the 1950s. If many of those theories are extremely convoluted, most are simply implausible, even for someone with an open-mind.

There is also a law in the field of logic that, given several alternate explanations for an occurrence, the simplest one tends to be the most likely one to be true. The wrestling off of power by a small elitist clique is not a new phenomenon.

There are thousands upon thousands of documented occurrences in history. More, in today's corporate world, which is largely dominated by greed a lust and for Power, almost daily, Hostile takeovers are being engineered in that exact way.

Tactically the best way to bring an opponent down is to use their own power against themselves. This is what enables a martial arts expert, seemingly effortlessly, to lift someone heavier than him in the air. Closer to us, it has long been known that most suppressives, at first have generally little power of their own, but are simply clever at restimulating others or make them turn their own powers against themselves.

In the end LRH by writing that policy, handed a loaded gun to someone ruthless enough to turn it on him.

Sadly LRH and Mary Sue's last days were eerily similar to those of Simon Bolivar and Manuela Saenz.

In 1982, LRH became a recluse, over deep concerns that a number of US Government agencies were after him, namely for unpaid taxes and allegedly appropriating Church funds for his private use.

Shortly after, David Miscavige, grasping the importance LRH gave to "intelligence", ensured he monopolized that line and that no communication would leave or enter the ranch were LRH stayed without passing through him.

At his covert suggestion, LRH resigned from any position of power within the church and took on the title of "Consultant". No longer able to issue his own policies for the church, LRH started to issue floods of "advices". Many were specific to a particular and one time problem. Most were solely based on "intelligence" that David Miscavige was deliberately filtering. As a result the resulting "advices" could be no better than the quality (and completeness) of the intelligence they were based upon. Better yet for RTC, contrarily to issued policy which leaves a long evidence trail, it became impossible to independently confirm the authenticity of those advices.

In spite of the existence of the Admin Scale Policy, today those advices, are still seen by RTC as fully capable at supplanting not only Policy, but the very goals and Aims of the Organization.

At the opposite of Bolivar, LRH died a multi-millionaire. His estimated worth was over $400 million.

In spite of his immense wealth, he nevertheless died in abject conditions.

A man known to have always taken impeccable care to his personal hygiene and grooming, his death certificate shows him as grossly unkempt, with neglected nails and hair, and generally bad appearance.

In the end, Mary Sue didn't fare any better than Manuela Saenz. In spite of having his faithful wife of 35 years and being one of the founding pillars of the Church, Mary Sue was knocked off LRH last will, which was utterly changed as far as beneficiaries and executers less than 24 hours before LRH died. Mary Sue, and her children were left with mere token allowances. Unusually generous terms were set for select RTC staff, whose preferred status either made them or put them comfortably on the road to being millionaires.

From all evidences, including LRH private doctor, LRH spent the last week of his life in a state of Dysphasia (inability to speak of form coherent thoughts due to brain damage, typically from a stroke.

It is alleged by sources that were close to LRH that he was purposely allowed to die in January 1986, as the "Final Solution" to his problems with the IRS (He was about to be indicted for tax evasion). By sedating him once with an unusually high dose and withholding any form of help or treatment for 48 hours. (All his personal staff were ordered off premises), it was hoped that this covert form of Euthanasia would pass medically and legally as "Death from Natural causes". Even RTC's lawyers would approve it as a "faultless plan".

It is reported that the individuals who set this perfidious act went onto a gambling spree in Las Vegas and even visited some of Nevada's most exclusive "Chicken Ranches*".

It is still not clear how much of the church monies were used to satisfy their private erotic fantasies, while LRH literally laid between life and death a mere 300 miles away.

As their lawyers had predicted, RTC was able to bulldoze through the remaining obstacles unchallenged and discard forever any potentially incriminating evidence by refusing autopsy, arranging for an unheard of overnight cremation, and arm wrestling any potential contenders though the generous use of blackmail and intimidation. Left nearly destitute, after having been coerced by RTC (and a team of 17 lawyers), while being denied counsel of her own, Mary Sue held her ground until Ray Mithoff, who saw an opportunity at advancement in the eyes of Miscavige, had, according to himself, a "bright idea". Using carefully gleaned data from her pc folders to strike at her buttons, Mithoff portrayed LRH as nothing short of a selfish, egocentric maniac secretly bent on her demise in order to utterly cave her in. While still weeping, she was handed a lengthy release form which she signed without even reading.

Mary Sue left a quiet life away from the eyes of the Church. She departed her body on November 25 2002.

Not a single word of Eulogy was read in any Church. Despite Mary having made thousands of friends in the Church, not a single one was invited at her funeral. Her name was quietly removed from the list of IAS Patrons. To this day neither Executive nor Scientologist "In Good Standing" knows of Mary Sues fate, thought she died 2 1/2 years ago.

No Official Scientology Web Page grants her even a one line biography, considering her to be even unworthy of being a historical footnote, while page after page of sycophantic jive posing as "Miscavige and Rathbun biographies" are allowed to stand on dozens of Scientology Web Sites.

Some people may ask how can a small "inexperienced clique" have taken over the Church from good and experiences veterans.

The truth is that it is much easier to destroy than to create and it is much easier and financially rewarding to enslave people than to free them. After all it took over a year and 15 Million Dollars to erect the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. It took less than $5000 of explosives and less than a minute to bring it down.

Finally, were Miscavige and his cohorts truly "inexperienced".

The Old Man clearly made it a point in the Sea Org Flag Orders that each of us had been around a "very long time" and in the HCOB 1 Nov 74 "Rock Slams and Rock Slammers talking about the Suppressive, "His experiential track is too educated in evil and too uneducated in anything else". True Suppression and the calculating harming of others is not a vice that turns on overnight. People who do evil of magnitude have typically done so for hundreds upon hundreds of lifetimes.

If you had the chance to see their Whole Track, it would look something like this:

A Gestapo Colonel
An extermination Camp Commander
A Despot
A Dictator
A Tyrant
A Ringleader
A Mobster
A Slave Trader
A Slave Master
An Implanter
A Brainwasher
A Torturer
A Monk-Psychiatrist
A Highwayman
A Hustler
A Petty Thug
An Impaler
A Crucifier
An Executioner
An Inquisitor
A Molester
A Witch hunter
A Population Enslaver
A Planet Buster
A Book Burner
A Village Pillager
A Dwindling Spiral Engineer
An Orphan Maker
A Cruel Judge
A Whole Track Terrorist
A Sadistic Ruler
A Cruel and Unusual Punishment Artist
The Grim Reaper
The Devil's Confederate

A nice experiential track isn't it?

Pierre Ethier
Class XII

*Chicken Ranch: A Brothel near Las Vegas (Chicken Ranch)

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