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Scientology's New Building

A Short Story by 'Anon', an Insider

Since the church has a reputation for its legal and other means of dealing with anyone who it conceives as stepping on its toes, I just want to make one thing perfectly clear from the start. Just because I have been a Scientologist since the 70's and just because I have been an executive in the church for over 20 years and just because I have been speaking with others who have been top members of the church is no reason to believe that anything I may write here is based on any truth... This is just a fictional story for the reader's enjoyment. All names used are purely fictional and are not intended to represent any real people. If you really want to know what is going on, I advise you to talk to one of the professional spokes people from the church who have been properly drilled t o give you the truth. I believe you have been told it's full-steam-ahead and that the new Super Power building should be completed and opened very, very soon. I'm sure that's the truth and there has never been an effort to mislead the community, the members and donators of the church or its hard working staff.


"Daddy, tell me a bed time story.

Okay, how about The Three Bears.

No, no - tell me a story about that huge building that sits in the middle of Clearwater. The empty haunted one that has been there since before I was born. Okay. It all started back in around 1977 when a man who was trying to help people live better lives conceived of a series of 12 separate actions which if done with an individual would put him into much better shape. It would do things like improve his senses, energy and outlook on life. Compared to his previous condition, the person would achieve a sort of "super power". Realize this man was very, very busy with many things and super power was still in its conceptual stages. Exactly how the 12 different actions would be done still needed to be worked out, piloted, written up and released. Like many earlier actions he had conceived of, his notes and research was then delegated to technical staff, a compilations unit, a marketing unit and an execution unit to make his technical research available to the general public.

Wow! It must have been exciting times.

Yes it was. Talk of "super power" spread through staff and public everywhere. In 1978, teams were sent out to round up the best counselors, called auditors, to be brought to a confidential place referred to as "over the rainbow". It was in Palm Springs California at the time and it was a very exciting place.

Tell me more, tell me more. Did they start giving each other "super power"?

As it turned out, the best auditors in the field had many confusions as to how to audit. Although the methods of how to audit had been written up in great detail, society had entered a drug culture and a decreasing literacy level which blocked people from duplicating written instructions easily. This led to further research into study technology, handling the effects of drugs and other technical aspects of improving a person. It also led to the making of films to visually show "how to audit" in order to help increase duplication.

But what happened to super power?

Piloting began on one of the 12 actions in 1982 at the international headquarters in the California desert. At first those doing the pilot would run a tight circle around a tree out in the field from morning to night. Their bodies broke down in short order. Eventually the pilot evolved into running on a larger smooth track with a very tall plastic pole in the middle of it for 5 hours a day. It continued to evolve with added nutrition, sprinklers placed around the track to lower the temperature, etc. That was 25 years ago and I don't think it has ever been worked out how to safely deliver such a program to the general public -- especially public that are overweight and/or older in years.

How about the other 11 rundowns?

Well, one of them which addresses the handling of all prior upsets regarding the subject of justice and ethics began in the pilot stage but so far it hasn't been very successful. It seems that the vast majority of the people who received the pilot were declared suppressive persons and were no longer allowed to speak to or associate with other members of their church, including their own families.

If the development of "super power" was put on the back burner and such slow progress was made towards its release, how did this huge shell of a building come about? originally pushed forward by public demand. Almost 10 years had passed since public and staff had first heard about "super power". From the viewpoint of the general public and staff, a new technical release was as simple as the founder just sitting down one fine day and writing the whole thing up and releasing it. They assumed it was either ready to be released or very close to it. So they wanted to push things forward and make this wonderful action available. Public came forward and offered donations as high as 1 million dollars. The church took notice and realized the potential staring them in the face. In the late 80's, a small property bordering the Fort Harrison Hotel was purchased from the city. Rough concepts of what the new building might look like started rolling slowly around. Meanwhile the small building on the property was used for storage.

The mid 80's was a time of fast growth for the church. The founder had both fiction and non-fiction books on the top of the New York Times best seller lists. There were public promotional campaigns. Long term trusted and successful staff were put in the top positions of the church and the power of the church was spread out and balanced. There was an Executive Director with executives under him who were each responsible for some aspect of the church's expansion like promotion, books, A/V, income, etc. There was a committee set up to help oversee and coordinate things. There was an international President of the church to represent it publicly. There was a person responsible for overseeing the founder's personal estate and properties. There was an international management organization built with staff who had acted as the founder's messengers in ensuring the policy of the church was being followed. There was an evaluation unit that evaluated individual churches s o proper tailor-made programs could be written to help that church expand. There was a central marketing unit established to ensure high quality promotional tools were available to all churches. Technical films were being produced to help train auditors. There was money to renovate the properties the church owned in Clearwater and "life was good".

Because of this expansion, the little property next door to the Fort Harrison started looking too small for the expected growth. Staff and public started looking at the condemned Grey Moss Inn across the street and all the property surrounding it and set their sites on this property for the new super power building. A team of staff were put onto raising donations for the new building and in 1991, the Grey Moss Inn was purchased. For the next 7 years, the team assigned to getting the donations and the team assigned to doing the planning worked at a flat-out pace. In November of 1998, there was a huge ground-breaking event held and then construction started. This was now 20 years after the original hype about "super power". Why the big push and all the fanfare to get the shell of the building done at this time? Besides the need to show some progress for those church members who donated tens of millions of dollars and besides greasing the lines for more donations, there was another reason coming down the pike. The church had fallen under serious attack with the Lisa McPherson case and aspects of the community were growing more and more hostile towards the church. The order was to get the building construction underway while promoting all the jobs, business and money it was going to bring to the city and peoples of Clearwater. It was all about local PR and after it served its purpose, the building has been left a shell ever since. But what about all the expansion, what about opening the building to service the 10 million members the church claims to have?

Unfortunately the founder passed away in 1986 which further opened the door to a rising sociopath within the church executive structure. To really understand what a sociopath is, look it up on the internet. This staff member who we will call "Little Dickie" systematically undid all the successful things that were causing the expansion. Instead of having individual evaluations done for each church and giving them tailored programs to help with expansion, he wrote "one-size-fits-all" programs. These were to be applied to all churches, no matter their size or situation. He ordered that if any management terminal did an evaluation, only he could approve it and he only approved evaluations that implemented his off-policy programs as the handling. He also introduced out-tech arbitraries to the program intended to rehabilitate staff members so the program completion averages over 7 years (where they're being completed at all) instead of the intended 6 months. He created from his imagination a whole new way to train auditors and cancelled all earlier certificates earned by auditors which included even the top auditors on the planet who had been personally certified by the founder himself. He cancelled marketing campaigns to new public as a waste of money while spending millions a year to promote himself. Unbeknownst to general staff and public he systematically tore apart the stable network of executives that once led the church. Dozens of top level executives (even Little Dickie's own brother) who have served for 20, 25 or even 30 years, have been coming forth with the same horror stories. I don't want to give you nightmares so I'll just give you a quick outline.

He assigned a project to go through all the ethics and auditing folders on the international base to find sensitive information, sexual perversions, etc and enter this data into a computer for him. He would then bring these things up at meetings or even have them posted on staff notice boards. He'd intentionally cause staff members emotional distress by informing them at meetings that he had ordered their spouse be off-loaded or he would inform a staff member they hadn't achieved something they thought they had in auditing. He ordered top level executives to be kept in a conference room for a week, having them take turns telling each other about evil intentions they had. On a number of occasions, he would send the international executives in their uniforms to run around the track in the desert until they would have a "group cognition". He had the staff gathered together in the dining hall and then individuals brought up to announce something they had done wrong and other staff were encouraged to come forth and strike them.

Little Dickie himself regularly physically attacked other staff -- punching them, choking them, ripping clothes, dragging them to the floor, hitting them with objects. There are many, many accounts of this and it has gone on for years. He ordered the top level executives to be confined to their work quarters for months at a time, sleeping on the floor of their offices and being escorted to the garage for showers. He ordered wholesale divorces where couples worked in different units at the international base as he didn't want any "co-mingling". As staff tend to switch what unit they work in quite frequently, he finally just cancelled the right for anyone to get married at the Int base, period. Maybe his most famous sadistic moment is when he had the international staff brought into a large room with a bunch of chairs set out. He told them they were going to play "musical chairs" and only the last person to get a chair would stay and the rest would be off-loaded. They wouldn't have a chance to say good-bye to their friends and family, etc. For many hours, the game was played to his delight. Off-load issues were written. Logistics were started. Emotion ran high. The staff were contained in their office building for days waiting for the end, only to be eventually told they weren't worth the money it was going to cost to transport them away from the base.

Of course hundreds of staff left the Int base either voluntarily or involuntarily over the last few years and Little Dickie ordered that the staff that left were to be immediately declared a suppressive person. This way their ability to tell other church members about Little Dickie would be cut off. Additionally, here are currently about 40 former Int Executives and staff who are declared suppressive people being kept in a building at the international base known as the suppressive person hall o r "SP Hall" for short. Because these past executives are so well known and thought of by the general public and staff, the intention is to not allow them to leave. It goes back to the datum that one should keep their friends close and their enemies even closer. In Little Dickie's mind he has a world full of enemies. These people include names like Heber, Norman, Marc, Ray, Gelda, Guillaume, Lyman, Wendell, Jenny, Angie, Alison, Mark and Liz, Michelle, Kurt, Rena, Fred, Schless, Koon, Lemmer, Hughes, Cruzen, Light, Schwartzgruber, Feshback, Bloomberg and several more.

I could go on and on about Little Dickie's destructive actions organizationally, financially and technically but I don't want to keep you up all night. Actually, I'll tell you one more example that very few people know. First of all, realize that Little Dickie never did the last four levels of spiritual counseling that have been released although, contrary to policy, he has not only read the material but has rewritten it. The reason he never went on to do the upper levels per his immediate staff was that he has refused spiritual counselling since 1992. This didn't stop Little Dickie from going to the church in Clearwater in September 1995 to help "correct" the techniques of the highly trained and experienced technical staff. All of the auditing rooms had been set up with hidden microphones and cameras that went to a monitoring room.

I have talked to staff who were standing next to Little Dickie while he watched sessions occurring with a girl who was having some difficulty. Little Dickie said he knew what was wrong and proceeded to write three paragraphs on what was to be said to this girl to let her know that she had attained a state known as "Clear". The staff members said that they raised an eyebrow and wondered if Little Dickie was even qualified to supervise auditing and even if he was, why hadn't he studied the folders first before making such a decision. As it turns out the girl's name was Lisa McPherson and you know the rest. The blame was put on a real technical staff member named Alain who was used as the scapegoat. The church lost tens of millions of dollars and staff went with poor clothing and little to no allowance month after month. Little Dickie continued to get his base pay of $150,000 a year and wear $500 Egyptian cotton tailor made shirts while pretending to be "saving the day". After all, wasn't this just the type of thing he had warned people would happen if they didn't follow his technical advice and his standard example? If it's so bad, why don't the declared staff and the remaining staff at the international base leave?

That's a question that has been discussed in detail by ex-staff. Part of it can be explained by comparing it to why the abused housewife doesn't leave and will even lie to police to protect the husband. Things like feeling responsible, hoping things will get better, convinced that they are bad, that things will be worse if they leave, that they won't make it on the outside, guilt, social stigma, etc. But it goes even further. Many of these staff have worked for the church for 25 plus years doing administrative duties. They are in their older years, 45 - 75. In most cases they have no saved money, no credit, no creditable job history, no car, no pension and in many cases no place to go. If they have family they have probably had little to nothing to do with them while they worked in the church. When they leave declared they are totally shut off from other church members. They are in a fenced enclosure, guarded 24 hours a day, no access to the internet, not allowed to have cell phones, all phone lines are monitored, all mail lines are screened, they are in the middle of the desert and their passport and IDs are held in locked cabinets.

Despite all, some of these staff who are not supposed to leave the base have managed to pull it off and their stories are incredible. One of them is Tom DeVocht who was once a major liaison person between the church and the city officials in Clearwater. Tom is now a car salesman in Florida. Earlier this year, Mike Rinder (an international spokes person for the church) was allowed to leave the restraints of the international base to be sent to England in order to intimidate an investigatory reporter from the BBC who was asking too many questions about the church. Mike used the opportunity to flee, leaving behind his wife Cathy and their two children. He is now working as a sales person in Virginia and starting a new life.

Why don't the rest of the church staff and public know about this?

The staff are shut off from the communication lines of the world and internal lines are screened. If a staff member even has the thought come up during auditing that Little Dickie is a nut case, they are declared and sent off the base without a word to anyone including their spouse. The public aren't allowed to speak to declared members and they aren't allowed to read negative media about the church. To help them with this, the church gave out free computer programs to their public so that they could set up websites to help promote their religion. What they weren't told was they were also downloading into their computer a program that would block their ability to look up sites that were negative to the church, even if they wanted to.

Okay, but what does this have to do with opening the "super power" building?

The long and the short of it is that despite PR to the contrary, the statistics for the Clearwater church and internationally have been declining steeply since the late 80's. Week after week, year after year, public have been paying hundreds of thousands of dollars per WEEK more than the value of the service being delivered to them. At the same time the churches have little to no reserves to cover the undelivered service. The vast majority of them are behind on their bills payment by several months. In the last 15 years the church has swung heavily from asking for donations for services that they will have to deliver, to straight donations. Public are constantly asked to donate to renovate their local church, build the "super power" building, getting books into libraries, preserving the tech in underground vaults, paying to eradicate psychiatry, paying to get booklets distributed, etc. Realize that only donations given for church services (like counseling and training) can be used by the churches to support themselves and their staff. When the limited number of public who have been supporting small struggling churches are constantly asked to give straight donations, the individual churches and their staff struggle that much more.

The church in Clearwater is responsible for over half of the international delivery of the entire religion. Recently a computer printout was generated of the individual public names who had received $1,000 or more of paid service (not staff or trainees from other churches) over a 3 year period at the Clearwater church. It was less then 6,000 names. Additionally the number of new public coming to Clearwater for the first time and paying for a major service was so shockingly low as to be almost non-existent. I don't know where the 10 million claimed members are but they aren't on this planet. Realize that approximately half of those public (about 3,000) are in the middle of a very long auditing action that can go for 10 or more years and while in the middle of t hat, they couldn't do "super power" auditing. If the super power building was manned and running at full capacity it could put its staff, its eligible public and the active public from all its churches worldwide through the rundowns in less than 5 years. And then what?

But first there are some other logistic problems to overcome:

After 30 years it still hasn't been worked out and written up how to deliver the service.

The part of the Clearwater church that delivers the religious service would need to recruit and train the hundreds of additional technical staff needed. An apparent effort is being made at that but without something to deliver, where is that going to go but around in circles?

The part of the church that runs the transport, engineering, maintenance, grounds, cooking, cleaning, etc., would need to expand to service the additional staff, public and this huge new building. The church figure s it would need an absolute minimum of 167 more of just these type of staff to open the building. The problem is that this organization within the church celebrated reaching a total of 200 staff in 1986 and 21 years later, it has almost the same number of staff despite huge efforts to recruit.

Publicly, Little Dickie is promising completion dates, pretending to be taking constructive actions to open the building so it can service and help others. The truth is there is a natural law that will no more allow someone like Little Dickie to help others than it will allow a rock to float on water. But Daddy, won't people ever get super power?

I guess you could say that there already exists two types of "super power". There is a type of "super power" created when evil men take control of money, legal, justice, communication and PR lines in order to hurt and enslave their fellow man. Then there's another type of "super power" created when good men become aware and join together to help free their fellow man. History has shown that good always wins in the end. It's just important that people who are actually in the know tell others of the truth so the curtain falls, exposing what's really behind the fortress built on lies and false propaganda and the good hearted people like you can prevail. That's why, my son, that I told you this little story.

Good night and I love you."


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