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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Should Auditing be Free?

In an ideal civilization from birth one would be raised as a Scientologist. Schooling would include basic information about life the MEST universe and the parts of man and University would be where one trains as an auditor. Auditing would be available and affordable by all and, due to no spending on such low toned activities as greed, war and death, there would be plenty of funds around for everyone to move up the bridge. It would be a saner society. The question of auditing being free would simply not arise. As it stands auditors are isolated, often impugned and their expertise unmocked and demands are made that they provide a free service despite the fact that they too have bodies which need to be fed, housed and clothed. They too have utility bills, must buy e-meters and stationary in order to provide the service. Have invariably paid for the training needed to reach a level of auditor. If an auditor was very wealthy with an independent income then perhaps he or she could provide such a service. But the truth is most auditors just make a living and why should they be denied that?

"The "the world owes me a living" preclear (or student) is a candidate for the Better Dead Club. There were two branches of this club, by the way, better dead for their own sakes and better dead for the sake of others. Demands by individuals for free service on any pretext should be given a light, airy laugh. It doesn't do anybody any good, often not even the person who received it."(HCO PL 9 May 65, Auditing Fees Preferential Treatment of Preclears Scale of Preference

The other aspect of providing a free service is the principle of exchange. This is not only to strike a balance of flows but also provides some dignity to the preclear. The exchange does not always have to be money. It could be services or a trade or barter of some sort. It can, in fact, be whatever the auditor and preclear or PreOT considers a fair exchange for the service. Exchange provides a balance of flows so a flow is not going one way only and becoming stuck therefore. It provides dignity to the recipient of the service. It enables the provider to continue providing the service and it demonstrates a level of responsibility.

"PTS TYPE D, responsible-for-condition cases have been traced back to other causes for their condition too often to be acceptable. By responsible-for-condition cases is meant the person who insists a book or some auditor is "wholly responsible for the terrible condition I am in." Such cases demand unusual favors, free auditing, tremendous effort on the part of auditors. Review of these cases show that they were in the same or worse condition long before auditing, that they are using a planned campaign to obtain auditing for nothing, that they are not as bad off as they claim, and that their antagonism extends to anyone who seeks to help them, even their own families. Establish the rights of the matter and decide accordingly." HCO PL 27 Oct 64

Many auditors do provide a free service in some circumstances. Mostly in the repair area to get a person back on their feet. This costs them time and money which could be spent assisting the more able. Once the individual is back on his feet so to speak, they should be seeking ways to recompense the auditor for his time and expertise and compassion in assisting the preclear in a time of need.

As Ron says, "Establish the rights of the matter and decide accordingly."

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
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