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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Some things that are RIGHT about L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard was a human being. He said so himself* and particularly when he was starting out with the discovery and research of Dianetics and Scientology he was very much a human being.

Yet the flavour of the month seems to be to find things that are wrong about L. Ron Hubbard and while there are various points about him that are not idyllic perhaps, a proper balance should be observed here. What did L. Ron Hubbard DO that was right? And remember this is what you are comparing with when listing things that were wrong.

He discovered the basic principle of existence. In itself a remarkable achievement and one that explains the way life is on this planet.

He discovered the engram and how it affects all that individuals are and do. How it causes pain and anguish, misplaced emotion, bad choices and decisions.

Not only that, he went on to discover how to get rid of these engrams, another major achievement for man. The processes he developed for this far outweigh any other previously employed process. To be able to simply sit down with another person and remove the source of pain and anguish must surely be listed in the annals of major achievements by man. Prior to that, man was hacking and sawing and drilling into the heads and brains of people and injecting them with chemical substances in an effort to rid them of aches, pains, demons and strange and bizarre behaviour.

In addition, he then went on to discover man's true identity. What he really was. Not just a meat body. True many philosophies and religions throughout time have had the notion that man was a spiritual being and many of those understood some of the attributes those spiritual beings had. But it took Hubbard to be able to demonstrate very easily to an individual that they were a Spiritual being with total certainty by a simple process and using a number of processes enable an individual to be stably exterior to the body. This had never ever been done before.

His life was a continue adventure of discovery. After the basic discoveries there were further discoveries as a result of the first ones. An evolution or refinement of the basic principles, tenets and understandings of the physical universe as well as the parts of man continued for many years nonstop. Finding a way to free man from devastating activities long ago which still affect him today was another amazing discovery. To top that off a set series of actions that an individual could undertake to discover who he really was and that he was not a body bound to this planet to die and be non-existent, but to expend as a being in all its glory and start to return its capabilities to something close to its original state.

To cap that off he then set about building a structure that could assist in spreading this knowledge and processes to the world.

Comparing the petty foibles of Hubbard what he has achieved seems to me to be very small minded and shows a real lack of understanding of the remarkable achievements this one man has offered.

*"That L. Ron Hubbard is a human being."
A Handbook for Scientologists

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