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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Spiritual Refreshment

Scientology auditing and training is actually quite simple.

I expect you know when you have been working hard and your body is tired and feels dirty, sometimes even hot and sweaty if you have been working in the hot sun. At that time it is really good to have a shower to wash off all the sweat and grime and feel refreshed. Your body feels clean and fresh and perhaps even a bit more alive.

Scientology auditing does that for the person, the individual, that which is YOU. A famous sculptor when asked how he makes such wonderful statues explained that he "cuts away what he does not want and leaves what he does want from a block of stone." Auditing does that but on a spiritual basis. All those pains and traumas, upsets of the past and other unwanted emotions and mental baggage can be removed leaving the being more at peace and spiritually refreshed. There are specific areas of the mind which can be and, during auditing are, addressed to remove issues and difficulties relating to such areas as communication, problems, past upsets, being able to change easily and much more.

To get auditing one needs an auditor who is experienced in practicing the exact application of scientology as was issued by L. Ron Hubbard. Later versions and current church versions will not do as they are not the original and it is the original Scientology and its application that has proven to produce the most benefit to the person being audited (called a Preclear or PC).

Initially one gets familiar with what auditing is and the various terms used in an auditing session. It is important that the preclear understands exactly what is happening and why. Once that is done one is then audited in session. Each session must end on a good point for the preclear, usually a realization or increased understanding or a relief from some past upset.

Now the training side is where one trains to become the auditor. Here one learns about the parts of man and how to audit someone so they achieve these realizations and become a freer more 'refreshed' individual. The auditor also tends to get a lot out of auditing, not just because they are helping others but because they share the realizations the pc achieves.

Here is an example of some auditing. These are processes one can run on oneself to great benefit. You can do these daily and over a course of time you will see an improvement when you following these processes exactly.

To help you look and Act Younger: Sitting somewhere near the center of a room, close your eyes and "contact" the two upper corners of the room behind you. Then, holding those corners, sit still and don't think. Remain interested only in those two corners. You can do this for two minutes (minimum) or two hours, always with benefit. No matter what happens, simply hold the corners and don't think. You can do this daily. It will make you look and act younger.

Another exercise you can do is to feel freer pick out two similar objects. Then find as many differences between them as possible. Now pick out two objects and see where they are in relation to each other and your body. Use these two steps over and over. You will feel freer and see better.

Anothere exercise is to go over this list many times, each time answering its questions.

"Recall a time which really seems real to you"
"Recall a time when you were in good communication with someone"
"Recall a time when you agreed to something"
"Recall a time when somebody disagreed with you"
"Recall a time when you liked somebody"
"Recall a time when someone agreed with you"
"Recall a time when someone was communicating easily to you"
"Recall a time when somebody liked you"

Auditing helps an individual to become spiritually refreshed.

Would you like to be spiritually refreshed?

Reference: The Volunteer Ministers Handbook

(NB. If you are currently undergoing any auditing or case action, consult with your auditor and Case Supervisor before running any other process)

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
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