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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Staying the Course

Looking at various websites, movies, news items and a plethora of media, they all seem set out to discredit Scientology as a religion and or philosophy by using the church as a way of demonstrating how bad it is. The latest is the 'Going Clear' Documentary, which really makes no attempt to differentiate the difference between the church and the philosophy but falls into the same old habit of lumping them together. This has happened with other religions, most notably in the present with the Catholic Church and the Muslim religion. A cursory glance through Facebook alone demonstrates the easy and lazy thinking people employ preferring generalisation to actual facts.

It is the gross misapplication and bank agreements overwhelming participants that have resulted in the church situation as we see it today. Goals Problem Mass, evil purposes and other bank attributes that have not been addressed in various individuals at upper management levels within the church, are the cause of the suppression of the technology resulting in the non-delivery contributing to attacks on the church. Not the efficacy of the technology.

And the more the church goes 'off source', the more it diverges from the technology and what was promised, the more it violates the tenets of scientology and practices the antithesis of what LRH tirelessly developed, the more it will be seen has having betrayed the public's trust and the more it will be attacked and vilified and the downward spiral will continue into extinction.

It may protest and resist with denials, lawyers and harassment but the tech is inexorable. Principally because it is a statement of truth. It is a statement of the laws by which life and this universe work. If one violates those laws the inevitable will happen and the church will simply resist itself into the ground. The church is not the future of Scientology now.

In addition, comparing the tech LRH brought to this planet with his petty foibles is an altered importance, rather like comparing the delicious apple with a spot on its skin. It is also a wrong focus. Yes it is easy to focus on the negative, after all that is how the culture is presented these days and it can filter through to even the most seasoned of Scientologists. The current focus of this culture is one of labor saving lazy thinking culture. "We do it for you, you don't have to think or do!" This is part of the labor saving culture being fostered as part of reducing peoples level of responsibility.

But if you sit down and look at what LRH produced, the literary thousands of hours of taped information and knowledge, the millions of words, the route planned and plotted for a Being to raise him or herself out of the morass it is in you would easily stand there with your jaw dropped.

Compare that with the fact that he has been married more than once. Well I ask you. Point to any famous person and you will find a petty foible to hone in on. No one is lily white on this planet, least of all those who are so critical. If they were lily white, you would likely not even see them on this planet. Comparing petty foibles with great achievements is a simple attempt to unmock, Covert or overt. And in view of the fact that there is a concerted effort to totally unmock not just the church but LRH and the priceless tech we have on this planet I see no justification to support it.

The technology has stood the test of time as regards results on a one for one basis when correctly applied to a case. It requires no evaluation with 'other' technologies as, and I am probably going to make an outrageous statement here for some, there are no other fully comprehensive technologies of applied philosophy that can consistently and permanently bring a being up the awareness levels to a higher state of being through a specific route and with laid out steps.

The future of Scientology lies with the field, promoting and using the original Scientology, educating people, Clearing them and making OTs.

Remember, we were all OT originally and we have not lost that. The being has never actually lost any abilities except the willingness to use them.

"It is impossible to reduce an ability. About the only things you can do is reduce its exercise or the willingness to exercise it."

Preserving, protecting, promoting the original philosophy and technology of application is our way out. Let's use it!

As a last word I do really appreciate all the support the members of the APIS group give without fear or favour and the support scientologist everywhere give to LRH and his original philosophy and technology. We strive to uphold the original philosophy in the face of massive odds. In Scientology is going to survive on this planet and in this universe, your help is appreciated.

We are staying the course. Are you?

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
Association of Professional Independent Scientologists marysuehubbard.comL. Ron Hubbard Tribute

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