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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Superficiality vs the Quality of an Individual

John Lennon once said that "I'm not afraid of death because I don't believe in it. It's just getting out of one car, and into another."

Many people judge others on a superficial basis such as looks, race, sex, color or creed. None of these superficial characteristics have a bearing on the quality of an individual. In the mind of an individual they may color the perspective of an individual. "I am black so I must act a certain way." Or, "I belong to this culture so should act in that way." But the basic individual is like a broad canvas with no paint on it. When an individual is born a basic canvas is created and what one paints on it is the cover on that canvas. People then judge the canvas on the basis of what is painted on it.

Imagine a world in which there are two or three manufacturers of cars. Say Ford, General Motors and Toyota. They each produce black and white and a multitude of other colored cars. Now imagine those people that drive white General Motors cars deciding that the black Toyota drivers are lesser because they drive black Toyota cars, and that the Ford drivers are inferior because their car is brown. Not only that some of the Ford drivers flying a different flag than the General Motor drivers. The black Toyota car drivers consider they are superior because, after all, their car is black. They treat the brown car drivers with distain and the white car drivers are pasty and have no class. Pretty soon, in an effort to establish supremacy, the white car drivers rally up to drive the black car drivers off the road. They utilise the brown car drivers to assist them and, as the brown car drivers do not like the black car drivers, they are only too happy to assist.

In this scenario the individuals IN the cars forgot they are individuals and instead take on the 'color' of the car they drive. They believe they ARE the car. They do not know who they really are and, in some cases, that they really are. This is insanity at its best. Denying one's individuality and assuming it to be that which they are in. One's body, which includes looks, race color and sex, is exactly that, one's body. This is easily subject to proof. Approx. 50 percent of the population will move out of the body when you tell them to:


The balance may require a little more work to achieve the same result but, rest assured, the result can be achieved quite easily. Knowing that one is NOT a body is a first step to realising that, underneath the coloring, sex, beliefs and cultures, one is an individual and just as one might today occupy one type of body does not means that at some time in the future one might not occupy a different type of body.

Of course one can be so entrenched into the game one is playing of 'being a white, or black or brown or yellow body' to the degree that one denies one's own existence as a being. Here one truly does not know who they really are until the body dies of course. The shock of that more often than not means that the life one led is forgotten almost in its entirety and, in an ironic twist, the next life could easily be in a body which, in the former life, one protested about so much.

There is little profit in superficial judgement and railing against a particular race, color, sex or creed any more than railing against the type of car your neighbour drives unless you are evil enough to desire to make money from such activities such as an arms dealer, a seller of killing machines. Even then such activities are transitory and could be classed as 'car warfare.' Killing individuals because they are 'different' only opens the door to them returning.

In fact, "... It's just getting out of one car, and into another."

If you want to judge others, do it on the basis of their actions, their contribution to mankind's survival and their compassion for their fellow man regardless of their race, color, sex or creed. It matters not what car they drive, only how they drive it.

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