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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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The Future of Earth



This discussion paper looks at what is actually happening on this planet and what the future may or may not hold.

The lay of the land

"I finally found out what this planet is and why life is so loopy (mixed up, confusing). I know this: That on this planet there's a great deal of dumping that has gone on - stuff from the nearby galaxy - not this galaxy but the ... I know they take next galaxy over and so forth.

I know they take political prisoners and guys who they don't want around, but it's less personal than you'd think. They just have excess population, you see? They've got a revolt on, or your on the wrong side of a war, or something like that, and they pick you up in droves (crowds of people) and ice-cube you and throw you into a sea someplace." I know this planet has been subject to that and several planets in this immediate end of the galaxy have been subjected to that - that I know"

So Earth has been used as a dumping ground rather as Australia was many years ago. The purpose was to dump excess population from the surrounding areas onto this planet and suppress them so thoroughly they suffer a drop in tone scale and awareness of who and what they are, the idea being to make thoroughly sure they do not return by making them more pliant and easier to manage and thus ensuring they do not escape. LRH states that it was done to solve an overpopulation problem. What do you do when you have an overpopulation problem and you cannot effectively kill or erase indestructible being? You route them off to an area away from the region and reduce them to a point where they are unable to return. Who do you choose to route off? Well those that 'cause' trouble of one sort or another, the non-conformists, the recalcitrants, anyone who does not toe the line and anyone surplus to the needs of the society in the viewpoint of the suppressor. A few billion beings reduced to a not-know state, and planet bound to earth. As a consequence the beings on this planet have been in a continual state of unawareness and or unconsciousness regarding their true nature and beingness.

"Now the amount of duress (force) necessary to produce a continuous degraded state can be measured thereby. Look at the hard work to keep people aberrated. If you were left alone for a while you'd snap out of it."

Fortunately you cannot keep a good thetan down for ever. Eventually he will start to regain some awareness and abilities. This explains the increase of awareness over the past few thousand years of people starting to question the existing state and the awareness that man is not an animal but a spiritual being. It also explains some of the outstanding people through the years who have risen and worked to return man's awareness of whom and what he is.

This awareness peaked with the research and discoveries of LRH and the rise of Scientology about the actual truth of man's beingness and the actual structure of the universe made plain. Not only that but his introduction of a methodical way of side-stepping the implant enabling beings to regain their self-awareness and natural inherent abilities must have sent alarm bells ringing in the minds of those keen to ensure this planet stays as it was intended. A prison planet designed to hold dumbed down beings and keep them from emerging out into the universe again.

This brings us to present time and what is happening right now.

"Situations have to be maintained in a bad state, they don't naturally exist in a bad state. The very fact that this is a prison planet, that it is being monitored this carefully right this minute... gives you an understanding of what's happening.
They've been looking down the back of our necks and we don't know it, for thousands of years. Each of us as a person and as a society as a whole."

The Future of Earth

Basically, if nothing is done to curb this emerging awareness and rehabilitation of abilities then one could, from the viewpoint of the oppressor, expect this sector of the universe to eventually be overrun by beings of superior, intelligence, abilities and, most devastating of all, a willingness to introduce others to the same level of awareness. That would really upset the apple cart and destabilise the status quo in the region. In their eyes therefore something needs to be done. The iteration of the dumbing down of the population, the infiltration and breakdown of those philosophies, religions and high level ethical values would need to be attacked and destroyed. Methods of keeping the population subjugated would need to be firmly put into place.

"Implanting was an activity carried out to prevent retribution (revenge, retaliation) from executed persons, to dispose of captured armies and block their return home as thetans, to dispose of excess population, to fit a thetan for a colonization project, to dissuade (discourage) revolutionaries, simply to implant, and many other reasons."
HCOB 8 May 1963. The nature and formation of the GPM

Observation of the current society in which we live gives us an inkling of the methods currently used for this purpose and some specific areas of society spring to mind here.

Philosophy and Religion
The Fourth Dynamic Engram - War

Philosophy and Religion

The various larger religions in the world have billions of followers who keep the faith. The original philosophies of such religions were high values with ethical and moral systems to live by. Over the years a tactical effort to undermine each of these has been in operation. When one looks at the history of such groups one can see alter-is, hiding information and replacing it with some dramatization, instigating splinter groups, and in recent times, introducing corruption in the higher ranks of the major religions. Recently also inciting extremists who capture the attention of the media and public attention causing alienation disruption and work to drive the general tone level down to fear. The maxim, 'the end justifies the means' being used to enforce fear and alienation rather than high values of decency and honesty.

Whereas man has become albeit slowly, more aware of his true self, activities to undermine this by creating a culture, first in the western world, that man is an animal and not a spiritual being has been carefully cultivated. This now forms the main culture in the west and is accompanied by the 'humanisation' of man through such actions as all men and women are equal and there is no distinction between the two. Justifying various perversions on the 8 dynamics reducing all to a common denominator (except those willing to forward this purpose of dumbing down the population by prostituting themselves for a one lifer of money and luxury - giving new meaning to the term, 'selling your soul to the devil for material gain') where all are the same. An a=a=a.


War and conflict have existed on this planet for millennia and it is no accident that not only is war instituted but that it is also made very much public. The sole justification for war is to impose further subjugation on the inhabitants of this planet. Impress more pain, suffering and death and keep the population focused on and glorifying death and destruction rather than improving and enhancing life.

War on this planet is a perpetual forth dynamic engram. There is at least one war occurring at any given time, usually several. If one dies down, another is promptly instigated to maintain the static state of perpetual war. Prolific use of the third party principle, propaganda and other devices are used to maintain a continual state of permanent conflict on the planet.


The economics of the planet, once based on trade and barter, has now been engineered to be based on debt. Debt makes it easier to control an individual, group or company so this was introduced at an early stage some years ago as part of keeping the population in check. Whole countries are now suffering under the yoke of debt and a planned campaign is in force to get every country involved even to the point of using war as an excuse to subjugate a nation and reduce them to a reliance on loans and subsequent debt as a means of control.

Non production is encouraged and even rewarded. Production is penalised and a general can't have is fostered on the population.


A vehicle of control of course is health. Whereas man's health was not particularly bad, despite PR to the contrary, health is deteriorating due to the various factors such as restimulation, abundance of chemicals, changes in lifestyle, deterioration of diet and other induced factors. Phasing man over to using chemicals instead of natural products is an additional method of control and a particularly good one for dumbing down people's awareness. Much has been said about the fight against drugs. In fact the drug conflict is not about taking drugs or not, but between the producers of street drugs and producers of pharmaceutical drugs in terms of revenue. Both serve the same purpose however.

The Dynamics

Careful obnosis of the dynamics will illustrate examples of perversions on the dynamics including:

Dynamic 1. Man is an animal. A piece of meat. He does not have a brain. He IS a brain. The implication being that once the body is dead, so is the person. He has no abilities or awareness outside of the physical body.

Dynamic 2. Abortion in the name of women's rights promoted. The abuse of children encouraged. Pornography encouraged and rampant. Marriage reduced to an afterthought. Yet at the same time same sex marriage encouraged in violation of the purposes of the second dynamic.

Dynamic 3. People are encouraged to join groups that do not forward survival for their area but instead forward the basic purposes of dumbing down the population. Political parties are an example. Groups that promote the first dynamic rather than the third. Groups that promote conflict. Groups that promote elitism and secrecy. There are many others. High value or moral groups are denigrated and low moral groups promoted as being the best groups to participate in.

Dynamic 4. Wars and conflict encouraged and promoted around the world. An active third party activity set up and designed to continue war as a method of control not as a method of enhancing mankind or improving his wellbeing. PR features well into this as a preparatory step in going to war. One has to portray the intended enemy as bad in order to justify the invasion of their country. The US, for example, has been continually involved in wars over the past 209 years, most of which were invasions of other countries. Other countries have a similar poor record.

The motivational scale has duty at the top and money at the bottom. The only time duty is espoused is when it comes to 'fighting for one's country.' This is a prime misdirection as one is not fighting for one's country but for those interests who encourage war as a method of curbing a population, keeping their attention trapped and away from the main issues and exerting further controls. No country has ever been lost due to war. But people have died, been injured or tortured and billions made from the production of arms. Money is cultivated as the prime motivation these days. More money is spent on war each day than on enhancing man over a period of years. This also, incidentally, increases the debt of a nation.

It is also an excuse to impose a gradual limited freedom of the individual by eroding human rights in the name of 'security.'

Dynamic 5. Ravaging the planet and the environment with pollution and the removal of vast tracts of forests and other fauna. We are all familiar with the activities in this area.

Dynamic 6. The destruction of the forests of earth also cause the extinction of various animals. The depletion of earth's oceans of life forms. The disregard for animal welfare and a lack of duty of care. The abuse of animals by the millions used for meat and the ongoing torture of animals in the name of a distorted science hell bent on developing more chemicals to dumb down the population.

Dynamic 7. The deliberate cultural dismissal of man's true spiritual beingness to be replaced by a culture of MEST. The distortion of truth promoted in various religions now as 'the truth.' In many cases truth is replaced by lies. All end up causing doubt in the minds of anyone that can think and those that can't and have been reduced to irresponsibility and robotism and simply accept what they are told. The ideal state of being in the minds of the oppressor.

Dynamic 8. The concept of God is so distorted now throughout the world as to have little or no relevance to man's spiritual beingness.

Church of Scientology

Special mention should be made about the Church of Scientology. In view of the devastating effectiveness of the application of technology to bring people to awareness and restore their abilities, the church has naturally been a prime target in all this. Infiltration and corruption are the methods to bring an organisation or group to the ground and it is a sure bet that the church has been a high value prime target since the early days. And remember, infiltration is not necessarily solely of a physical nature. There can also be spiritual infiltration.

L. Ron Hubbard and the church have both been the subject of attacks of one sort or another since LRH introduced Dianetics. LRH himself noted this and there is now historical evidence to substantiate such attacks. Anyone keen to ensure this planet stays the way it is intended is not going to brook any attempts to elevate it up the tone and awareness scales and restore people to a state of freedom.

So it would seem now that, despite all the best efforts, the church has been infiltrated with a planned attack designed to bring it to its knees. It has also been the effect of corruption in high places designed to foster doubt in its adherents. The emphasis in the church now is not on freeing beings but on stopping beings from going free. OSA, for example, has moved from protecting the technology to stopping the technology from being used. This is evidenced by the dramatic alter-is of the technology and the focus degenerating from duty down the motivation scale to money and the obsession with MEST.

"We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing. But that's not important. When buildings get important to us, for God's sake, some of you born revolutionists will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some H.E. [high explosives] under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going. Don't get interested in real estate. Don't get interested in the masses of buildings, because that's not important. What IS important is how much service you can give the world, how much you can get done, how much better you can make this. A bank account never measured the worth of a man. His ability to help measured his worth, and that's all. A bank account can assist one to help but where it ceases to do that, it becomes useless"
Tape 31 DECEMBER 1960 The Genus of Scientology

So what can we do? This is a lot to confront of course and if one looks at each of these in isolation one could be forgiven in thinking that each is simply a dramatization of the bank. While this comes into it, a broader assessment of the entire spectrum shows a definite pattern here.

Of course it is easy to fall into the various traps around and become embroiled in particular aspects of what is going on around one. And an OT, as LRH pointed out can fail if working alone against organised 'one lifers' determined to bring him down. But an OT has the ability to step back, as it were, and view the existing scene without being a part of it.

"It is impossible to reduce an ability. About the only things you can do is reduce its exercise or the willingness to exercise it."

Of course the obvious solution is to make more of the population OT. Easier said than done one might say. But to make an OT is not that difficult and does not really take that long. It can be done in less than a year. The biggest step is to introduce and get a person started on the road to freedom. Once they are on it is actually easier. It is rather like inertia. The first movement is the hardest.

It is easy to focus on past events and the effects they have on man and the planet. It is easy to get drawn into particular issues and injustices in the past. However it is worth keeping in mind the past cannot be changed. This applies to the church also. A continual focusing on what we already know to be occurring does not as-is what is occurring. In fact it is validating it by giving it enormous amounts of attention. The charge relating to the past can be removed however, to free up an individual and that is really only where the past needs to be addressed.

While an understanding and appreciation of what is occurring is important, the main focus should be on the solution NOT on the stops. In this case flying in the face of the forth dynamic engram and aberration, and making more people aware and rehabilitating their abilities. In short driving people up the bridge to OT.

The more people are driven up the bridge to OT the more difficult it is to keep the planet in subjugation. And, from the point of view of the oppressor, there is no answer about how to handle a bunch of OTs determined to bring about awareness for one and all. As LRH has pointed out:

"We're not playing some minor game in Scientology. It isn't cute or something to do for lack of something better.
The whole agonized future of this planet, every Man, Woman and Child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on what you do here and now with and in Scientology.
This is a deadly serious activity. And if we miss getting out of the trap now, we may never again have another chance."
HCOPL Keeping Scientology Working

Something we can all participate in.

The 8 Dynamics
LRH ED 307Int, RJ 31 1980
HCO PL Keeping Scientology Working 7 Feb 1965
HCOB 8 May 1963. The nature and formation of the GPM

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