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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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The Spirit of Scientology


Giving Purpose to the philosophy and technology of Scientology is the Spirit of Scientology, that almost indefinable quality that makes Scientology close to the being and close to the natural state and inclination of a being.

These days, the Spirit of Scientology cannot be found within the Church of Scientology but is to be found in the field outside the church and within the many standard groups and auditors who use and apply the original Scientology.

The Spirit of Scientology is now found in the training rooms and academies with all the materials and technology in the field and in all the knowledge and wisdom to apply Scientology to life and the physical universe.

The Spirit of Scientology is to be found when an auditor says, "This is the Session." It is to be found when a Preclear suddenly realises something or cognites on something and has an increase in his awareness. It is found when a person stands up and glowingly describes the wins they have had after a session or grade accomplishment or completion of a training course and discovered something new about themselves or life.

The Spirit of Scientology is found where there is a purpose to spread the fundamentals of Scientology to others and create a world without insanity, war or crime.

"And when an organization is sitting where a living being should sit, it's time to call a halt.

Now, I'm not talking now about anarchy. Anarchy is not even vaguely possible amongst aberrated peoples. An Anarchy is predicated on the basis that it is possible amongst aberrated people. What I am talking about, however, is we need better men, not better signs. We need a better social order, and not one or two better individuals, and a better organization. And when an organization gets into the fantastic levels of being above reproach, or when an individual sets himself up as so infinitely superior to his fellow man that he cannot be touched, chaos no matter at what distant date is bound to ensue. Do you see that?

The control and direction of man depends upon the goodwill and the good state of man, it does not depend upon iron bars and handcuffs. It doesn't depend upon cells or electric-shock machines.

A society is sick as it has sick people within it. The way to make it well, however, is not necessarily to work only upon the sick and make them well.

If the members of that society were sufficiently well and able themselves, they would never apprehend the slightest difficulty in pulling out of the mud any fallen fellow. Pulling people up and back into the ranks is not a function of an organization; it is a function and responsibility of man himself. Pulling people back up into health and good fellowship and the game is not dependent upon a group of specialists. It's dependent on man.

And when helping one's fellows becomes a specialized action to be performed only by the anointed, to be performed only by somebody who wears the right star, badge, or sign, man's dead! Because the best of man comes into being when he is willing to aid and assist any of his fellows and is permitted to do so."

The Spirit of Scientology cannot be suppressed or killed.

"People poured out of China for centuries over torturous and dangerous mountains, snow-filled passes, to drop down into India just to come close to the area where Gautama Buddha had taught that there is hope and that the endless cycle of life and death does not have to continue, that an individual can be free even from this.

Now, that's interesting, isn't it? Yet the ignorant deified him. But, due to him, a great deal of this work was handed on and an enormous amount of what we call religion in this Western Hemisphere today was given to this Western Hemisphere directly by Gautama Buddha. It was filtered through the Middle East. "Love Thy Neighbor," was one of the first lessons he taught, and it is that lesson which we have received from the Middle East.

But what I am telling you is that these people handed on a torch of wisdom, of information, generation to generation. It was handed along geographical routes, and one of those geographical routes was the Middle East. And one of the people who handed it on was a man named Moses. And again it was handed on to a man named Christ. And he handed it on, and even the Arab nations benefited from this through their own prophet, Mohammed.

And these men I consider great spiritual leaders, because they gave to man on down through the years the hope that life could go on, that there was a spiritual side to existence, that the business of barter and gain was not all there was to life. And today, sitting in a materialistic society which almost vilifies anybody who speaks of the fact that you don't die right away, and when you're dead, you're dead and you're dead - you see: you're dead! - and right on down to this time we are indebted to these men." THE HOPE OF MAN

An idea is extremely difficult to kill or eradicate. Despite all the strenuous efforts of Miscavige and the Church under his tight control, The Spirit of Scientology continues to live on in the lives of people who have experienced the joys of sanity and the uplifting tone of knowing who they are and that they are immortal. The Spirit of Scientology cannot be killed and will always live on and will continue to live on long after Miscavige and his suppression is long gone.

During all this time and well into the future the Bridge will still be there ready and waiting...

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
Association of Professional Independent Scientologists marysuehubbard.comL. Ron Hubbard Tribute

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