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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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The Vital Necessity of Training

The recent passing of a highly regarded, trained and experienced Auditor and Case Supervisor brings home the vital necessity of training.

The importance of this can be emphasised by answering a few simple questions, such as:

How many effective auditors will there be in 25 or 50 years time?

Who will be auditing people up the bridge then?

And, disturbingly, will Scientology be still around at that time or will it have become a lost technology like so many before it?

The way to lose a technology, even as priceless as this one, is of course to suppress it. Also it can simply be neglected and not continued. Individuals might apply what they know but not pass this on to others and so the technology can die with them.

LRH said in The Fundamentals of Thought.

"THE ACTUAL CYCLE OF ACTION is as follows: CREATE, create-create-create, create-counter-create, no creation, nothingness.
CREATE = make, manufacture, construct, postulate, bring into beingness = CREATE.
Create-create-create = create again continuously one moment after the next = SURVIVAL."

Creation, then, is the continuous putting there something that one wishes to continue to exist.

Do we wish Scientology to continue to exist into the foreseeable future?

If the answer is yes then we need to continuously create Scientology so that it DOES continue into the future.

On a practical level, how do we do this?

The basic philosophy describes the existence of man and this universe and his relationship with it. From this we have the technology of application designed to elevate man to an increased awareness of his beingness. This process, known as auditing, requires a level of understanding and skill born from the basic philosophy itself. This in turn requires that an individual discovers and learns the basics of scientology so that he has something he can apply.

So, in answer to the question, which comes first auditing or training, it is training that comes first. The level or degree of training is that which determines the level of auditing one can apply. Or that one can apply it at all.

Two important points now raise themselves.

1. Scientology has an aging population. True many are trained, some to a very high degree but the reality is, in all cases, everyone gets a turn at dropping their body. There are no exceptions. Bodies are frail and wear out. Some may last longer than others but eventually they are going to stop and the being is then going to be free to pursue the next game in their life. Invariably this will involve a comm lag of some sort, such as preparing and growing a new body for example, before they are able to resume where they left off, if that is what they choose to do. As a result the number of trained individuals able to audit others up the bridge is going to dwindle. Unless, of course, replacements are created to continue the activities of training and auditing.

2. This is a universe of plenty. The universe guarantee of survival, for any species of flora and fauna, is to produce much much more than is needed in order to ensure survival of that species. That applies not just to life but to the entire universe. Having one of something does not guarantee survival regardless of how well it is maintained or preserved. The best guarantee that something is going to survive is to have as many as possible and survival is guaranteed to the degree that there are sufficient of that something so that, come what may, there will always be enough to ensure survival of that species. This applies to Scientology just as much as any group, dynamic or beingness.

So No 2 is a good answer to No 1. If we want Scientology to survive into the future, it is vital that more groups be started and that training is pushed with all the vigour and vim possible in order to increase this guarantee and there will be something for us to come back to the next time round.

LRH said in the SHSBC lecture THE RELATIONSHIP OF TRAINING TO OT 7 November 1963:

"... You very lucky people. You came are very fortunate people. You came all the way down the track, lived all those years, did all these stupid things, and you wind up here with a chance out.
That chance is as good as you can audit. It's not a bit better.
It is a good thing if anybody is to be fully cleared or go OT for them to be trained. If they are going to make it, they are going to have been trained well ..."

"... You're fortunate to have moved into the situation that you're in. The only thing I can ask you and point out to you is that you're in a position where you shouldn't waste any of the potential which you have immediately at your fingertips. You shouldn't waste any part of that. Training is definitely, definitely, definitely a part to the route of OT. Definitely. This is something that is not "nice" to be part of. This is something that is a vital part of becoming OT.

The only thing I ask you to do is to make the most of what you've got."

So the question becomes.

What can we do right here and now to improve our future prospects and our future survival?


Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
Association of Professional Independent Scientologists marysuehubbard.comL. Ron Hubbard Tribute

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