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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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The Winning Valence

"... It's an identity consisting of a number of fixed characteristics, reactions and mannerisms. That is a valence." Game of Life 11 Valences

We are all familiar with valences perhaps and the concept of the winning valence. But for those that are unfamiliar a winning valence is that identity which the individual considers won over the individual. Such a valence or identity need not be actually real. It is what the individual considers or mocks up to be the valence or identity that 'bested' that individual. Most auditors are very familiar with valences as they are often handled at the lower levels or grades.

There are around 20 taped lectures that talk about valences so there is a lot of material there on the subject.

Here we are looking at the Winning Valence.

WINNING VALENCE, 1. is a synthetic valence. It is not actually the personality of the person who won. It is the individual's mock-up of that person which is diminished, or augmented by other people's opinions and by one's own postulates. (PAB 83) 2. in the case of the woman beaten by her husband, the engram contains just two valences. Who won? The husband. Therefore it is the husband who will be dramatized. She didn't win, she got hurt. When restimulators are present, the thing to do is to be the winner, the husband, to talk like him, to say what he did. Hence, when the woman is restimulated into this engram by some action she dramatizes the winning valence. (DMSMH, p. 81) 3. The valence of greatest determinism. (COHA, p. 99)

Interestingly the principle of the winning valence can apply to groups and nations just as it does to individuals. This means it applies on the third dynamic just as much as on the first. One can see this in nations and societies. For example, Rome fought against Christianity, lost to it and then became the seat of it. The Vatican is now the centre of Western Christianity and is even a state or country within the center of Rome.

This struck me just recently when watching a documentary on TV where Israel is now subjugating and working to unmock Palestine. The documentary was very graphic and reminded me of the Jews subjugating in Germany and surrounding countries where during WW11 Germany, or more correctly the Nazi party, was the winning valence. Now one can see that Israel are gradually taking over Palestine, removing the rights of Palestinians and treating them like third class citizens. Encroaching on their land to the point where Palestine is now just a tiny portion of what it once was. One could imagine that, once Palestine was fully taken over and the Palestinians were either killed off or driven out then Israel would swivel its eyes to another adjoining nation to continue the dramatisation there. And those Palestinians left would then find ways to impose the same dramatisation upon others, and so the dramatisation continues.

One could say, in a perverse sort of way that the Nazi Party have won with their ideology of a master race which has now been 'inherited' by another group or race who are continuing the 'fixed characteristics, reactions and mannerisms' that were laid into them so heavily. This can be found in many parts of the world and any group of people that has been subjugated by another group successfully, is very likely to look for a group they can continue the dramatisation on.

Of course understanding this means that one does not have to be subject to the same dramatisations and a group of scientologists would not better than to continue the dramatizations fostered onto them by the current church either as a group or as an individual. Both an individual and a group can be dug out with the technology we now have.

"The preclear is often found in valences (other identities): his father's or mother's or marital partners or any or all of thousands of possible people. He is unable to achieve or obtain (he thinks) enough identity or an identity of his own. He decries or criticizes the identities of others (fails to grant beingness to them).

He himself cannot obtain enough identity to feel he has an identity. Identity is so scarce that it's too valuable. Nobody must have one. To be with such a person is therefore an uncomfortable experience since he does not credit our identity, does not grant us beingness.

The "cure" for this is elementary. Let us say he is obviously in father's valence (identity). He got into father's valence when he found he could get no attention from mother.

Observing that father got some of her attention, he took father's identity. However, let us say he didn't like father. The Auditor finds him hating "himself". "Himself" is really father.

A clever Auditor (see section under Processing) would see that while he was in father's valence, it was really mother's attention that was sought.

The Auditor does not inform his preclear of such a finding. He asks the preclear to lie about (lowest form of creativity) identities which would attract mother's attention. Then, when the preclear can do this, the Auditor would have him invent identities which would attract mother's attention. Suddenly the preclear would be no longer in father's valence. However, he would have been not only in father's but also in mother's valence so the same process would have to be done on father. "Lie about," the Auditor would say, "identities which would attract father's attention," then "invent one," until the preclear had many and would no longer be in mother's valence.

Solving father and mother valences is fundamental, since most people are somewhat "in them" or revolted from them. But people can be "stuck" in all sorts of identities, even bedposts when humans are too valuable to be used.

The rule is that the more a person is "stuck" in a valence or identity, the fewer he conceives to exist. And the harder he thinks it is to get attention. Thus he can become exhibitionistic (displaying himself too thoroughly, being too much there at all times) or he can become dispersed (hiding himself, being vague, not there most of the time)."
Fundamentals of Thought

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