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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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The Price of Freedom

LRH said that the Price of Freedom is "constant alertness and constant willingness to fight back."

The crisis within our 3rd dynamic of Scientologists is a very good example of the necessity to pay that price to gain it.

The freezone in our Scientology third dynamic has been established through various individuals' willingness to pay that price. Earlier efforts during the sixties and the seventies didn't result in any real splintering (instead it was more oriented to squirreling) mostly because a lack of support from the third dynamic (not enough people leaving the church) as well as a lack of materials in the independent field.

Today the situation is entirely different. The most highly trained people are outside the church. Some of them are busy delivering tech in the freezone while others sit on the fence. The difference between the active and inactive people who left the church is only that some are willing to pay the price of freedom while others are not willing to do so. The only reason somebody isn't willing to pay that price is because the person considers the price to be too high.

I cannot agree that the price can ever become too high. The value I assign to my spiritual freedom is so far above my assigned value to such things as freedom for my first dynamic or my material wealth that the choice is easy for me. Right now the time to splinter is more right than ever. And those who splinter now and establish themselves in the vacuum left by the church will of course be the leaders of the "freezone."

The fanaticism of today's Church Scientologist is probably most easy to understand by comparing it to the Nazis at the end of World War IL They were also blinded by their own fanaticism (faith).

What really has to be done is to uncover the skeletons that are hidden in the closets and bring them out in the open and thereby directing the attention of the authorities towards them so they can he handled properly.

Those who do not want to pay the price but prefer to 'do nothing' are not very likely to help out with anything, but those who want to contribute are welcome to do so. There are many ways to contribute. One can ask for repayment or refund, go to a lawyer, inform our "free press" (not to be compared to the controlled media of the church) that undoubtedly is hard to keep from not using "sensationalism" as a means for twisting the truth, but at least tries to attack all forms of bureaucratic power displays. LRH has said that a democracy cannot exist without a free press. And now we can add that a church cannot deliver any freedom without free communication inside.

We have certain rights as individual members of the western civilization. Those rights were purchased by our forefathers who paid the price and so gave them to us. Now it is time to continue the work with building our civilization up to the point where the Metteya (or Metreya or Messiah or return of Zoroaster or whatever) can erect the "one thousand year empire" as has been predicted by so many different religions.

The leadership of the church is possessed by so much ignorance that we really need to commend LRH for having passed that leadership into their hands (no matter how much he planned it) so the free zone could grow up so rapidly and successfully. However, there are probably other not so ignorant evil-minded men on this planet that would be able to deliver such a mental dictatorship if they could get a monopoly on the subject we all adore.

And that leads us back to the price of freedom.

The dissemination of the philosophy is however more important than handling the Church, so let's not grow too concerned about the Church. Let those institutions in our free society that are designed to handle more low-toned organizations handle the Church and assist them to do so and, meanwhile let's get busy building a free bridge outside the control of the old Machiavellian bureaucracy we call "The Church of Scientology."

We need a lot of people that are willing to get trained as Auditors.

There will be a need for fully trained people when we establish the "thousand year kingdom by uniting the East and West into one great brotherhood of Man."

Will you be one of those fully trained?

Edited from a TODDE SALEN article in a Journal of Advanced Ability Magazine

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