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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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This is not the Scientology you're looking for

Ron could not emphasis enough the importance of duplicating the philosophy and technology of application and to that end much of the material he wrote is geared toward getting people to simply do it.

He said, in Safeguarding Technology:

"Scientology is a workable system. It has the route taped. The search is done. Now the route only needs to be walked."

Regardless of the march of time the basics still stand. The Auditors Code, TRs, Metering, all play an important part in the application of the technology that is the route out of the trap and, as Ron puts in, the mud it thinks conceived it.

I was watching Prof Brian Cox last night on one of his documentaries and after an hour or so of excitedly talking about life on other planets and how so many planets had been found that match ours, he ended it all with the very disappointing viewpoint that he considers we are the only life form in the universe as it was just a 'lucky' chance that two cells got together and created life as we know it. Such a disappointing viewpoint and such a great sadness that a narrow conclusion be drawn despite all the evidence to the contrary.

In the first place, apart from the fact that many of us have personal past experience we can call upon; the idea that out of the billions of planets in our galaxy and the billions of other galaxies in the MEST universe, there is only one life form is laughable. The odds against that are, no pun intended, astronomical. Secondly the current 'scientific' definition of life is very narrow consisting of MEST bodies only. The assumption that we are just meat, again most of us will know from our own experiences that this is not so. Another assumption is that life can only exist in a carbon based body and environment suitable to sustain that body. No thought is given to the fact that other life forms could exist or that life, rather, could exist in other forms other than a carbon based system. Ideas and concepts surrounding other potential life forms have been well represented in Science Fiction. Methane based for example or even mechanoid. In fact, as we know, a being or thetan could animate and exist in pretty much any system designed to be used as a terminal for life.

This narrowness of thought is not science and I can well understand Ron's derision for science on this planet being based on such arrogant assumptions and such a narrowness of thinking.

Scientology, on the other hand, is based on sound provable principles that, when exactly applied, produce an exact result on a one for one basis.

"Scientology is the only workable system Man has. It has already taken people toward higher I.Q., better lives and all that. No other system has. So realize that it has no competitor"

So the scientology you find in the church, or in a squirrel group, or with a squirrel auditor is not the Scientology you're looking for. It is a misnomer, Scientology in name only not in fact.

The Scientology you're looking for is that which Ron researched and developed and exported to the world. It is that technical application of the sound philosophical principles of life the universe and everything in it that Ron discovered and codified to a point where anyone could use it.

"What would you think of a guide who, because his party said it was dark and the road rough and who said another tunnel looked better, abandoned the route he knew would lead out and led his party to a lost nowhere in the dark. You'd think he was a pretty wishy-washy guide.
What would you think of a supervisor who let a student depart from procedure the supervisor knew worked? You'd think he was a pretty wishy-washy supervisor. What would happen in a labyrinth if the guide let some girl stop in a pretty canyon and left her there forever to contemplate the rocks? You'd think he was a pretty heartless guide. You'd expect him to say at least, "Miss, those rocks may be pretty, but the road out doesn't go that way."
All right, how about an auditor who abandons the procedure which will make his preclear eventually clear just because the preclear had a cognition?
People have following the route mixed up with "the right to have their own ideas." Anyone is certainly entitled to have opinions and ideas and cognitions-so long as these do not bar the route out for self and others."

Steadfastly following the route already painstakingly laid out will take a being from where he is at, to a revived awareness of himself and his surroundings, and restore him to, or close to, his original state of being.

Of course absolutes are unobtainable and doubtless there is more bridge to move up to but there is also another area where one can expand ones beingness. It is not just about the 1st dynamic. There are the other seven dynamics and working on them and enhancing them through good works and enhancing their survival is also a case gain and an expanded awareness and abilities waiting for the being to experience.

"So put the feet of students and Preclears on that route. Don't let them off of it no matter how fascinating the side roads seem to them. And move them on up and out. Squirreling is today destructive of a workable system"

It not only benefits the individual him or herself, it also benefits the community as a whole and also mankind and other life forms in this universe.

HCO PL Safeguardinbg Technology

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
Association of Professional Independent Scientologists marysuehubbard.comL. Ron Hubbard Tribute

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