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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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Using Ethics in Today's World

Each of us has a degree of familiarity with Scientology Ethics. Usually objectively and sometimes subjectively. Unfortunately it is the misapplication of ethics that draws the most attention. The Church, in particular, is notorious for the misapplication of ethics and justice, using it as a tool to ensure compliance with its agenda and confusing the two, ethics and justice in its application of ethics.

But what about the work-a-day world? There are many aspects of ethics in the world that need our attention. Spotting SPs (Suppressive personalities) and the PTS (PTS, Potential Trouble Source. An individual under the influence of a suppressive individual past or present) is one very useful tool. There are a number of tools one can use to do this. Observation. Observing what people do rather than what they say. communication forms a major part of this. We all know to watch for generalities and 'it's all bad' etc. But what about promises unkept, lies told and betrayal after trust? This brings us to the next tool.

The Data Series. Being able to locate outpoints as well as plus points enables one to very quickly see the is-ness of the situation and often the why. The classic five basic outpoints can help determine the intentions and motivations of an individual by their actions.

Omitted Data. Where information is left out or censored, deleted and removed is included in that.

Dropped Time. Where something happened long ago but is presented as if happened or happening now.

Change sequence of events. A simple example. Driving along and turning into a side street, then indicating one is going to turn. Add a falsehood. i.e. Tell a lie. Rampant in todays media.

Alter Importance. Such as with a viral infection for example. Elevating the importance by emphasising the danger of someone less than one percent will die of. This gives one the excuse to implement controls not really required but initiated for the sake of control. There are others, such as assume identities are not identical, assume similarities are not similar or in the same class of thing and assuming differences are not different. Wrong source asnd wrong target etc.

All of these outpoints can be found to be prevalent in today's media, both social and mainstream.

And where you have outpoints, you do not have truth. Instead you have insanity.

So the first port of call then is who is doing this? And who is unwittingly agreeing to the outpoints by virtual of an inability to think logically?

It is not very difficult to locate the suppressive personalities and those that are PTS to them. Even people not consciously aware of the outpoints as outpoints are now beginning to see the light of day.

The illogic of the actions portrayed becomes clearer and clearer the more it is pointed out by those that understood what outpoints are, both consciously and unconsciously.

This is where ethics comes in. In the exposure of those unethical actions that are affecting millions of people. Anyone who has a modicum of ethics and a sense of justice will point out these outpoints as they arise and will work to actively expose the individuals promoting those outpoints and support those exposing the outpoints and the individuals responsible.

Using the Data Series one can spot where an individual is at not just on the tone scale but also by what they do. As a once famous person is reputed to have said, "By their fruits ye shall know then."

Look around you. What is aiding survival and what is inhibiting it? What is encouraging flourishing and prospering. What increases communication, closeness and affinity and shared reality. What does the opposite, Shuts down people's lives, jobs, ability to work, ability to share the lives of others, share more communication?

And what is cutting communication, increasing distance between friends and family? Bringing people down tone to fear and apathy? Enforcing a reality upon others? Promoting segregation and coercion? All those things that decrease freedom.

And the next question is, WHO is doing it?

LRH said that 20 percent of the world is PTS and it was at that time. By observation that percentage is being deliberately increased because a PTS person is easier to:

Keep low toned
Reduced to a robotic existence with little or no ability to think for themselves.

One only has to look for at who are promoting that to know who are the suppressive individuals.

Here is an engineer that has done a tremendous amount of research. He forms his conclusions in the form of questions. Well worth reading despite its extended length.


Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
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