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Using the Basics - The Awareness Levels - Part 1

One of the many basics of Scientology that can be used is the Awareness Levels. Ron has written a great deal about the awareness levels and being able to obnose where a preclear or even a student is, is common practice with auditors and supervisors.

However, the awareness levels are a tool that can be used even in ones day to day life. One can determine where an individual is at and even assist to elevate them from that level if it is a lower one.

Ron said about the awareness levels in the lecture: Awareness Levels.

"So if the scale of sanity, of course, is awareness all the way up, then the scale of aberration as you go down is degree of increasing unawareness. So the nuttier they are, the more unaware both that person and yourself would be regarding what's going on! And the more unaware they get, why, the harder they are to handle because it is hard to get their attention long enough to find out what you don't know! Not to find out something to know, but to find out what you don't know. You understand?"

"This is what you have to know about it, you see? It is a Scale of Awareness, and therefore, if you find a person anyplace on that Scale of Awareness then the next action which you have to do in order to give him a case gain is to make him aware of the next level above that."

The awareness levels are split into two ranges. The lower awareness levels and the upper awareness levels. The upper awareness levels can be found on the Grade Chart and will be the subject of a latter article.

This article focuses on the lower awareness levels where many beings or individuals can be found. The lower Awareness levels are:

-26 GLEE

Some people are easy to spot on the awareness levels. Others can be more difficult. One does not, however, look at the social veneer to spot the awareness level of the individual. One has to look at the individual. Some clues in their behaviour, what they talk about and so forth can help to pinpoint that particular individuals level.

For example, a known criminal will be at -31 Criminality. Very low on the scale as a being. How does one tell? The social veneer may be very polished and persuasive, such as in a con-artist or scammer. The social tone level, however, is likely to be 1.1. covert hostility. The actions of the criminal will give them away. Being so low in awareness they cannot see the consequences of their actions and have little concept of cause and effect.

Further up the scale we have such awareness levels as Sadism and Masochism. Very prevalent in today's society if the media are to be believed. Again it is a case of, "by their fruits ye shall know them," and wars and torture lie very much in this category. Here governments, as a group, start to fall into and such people seem to be attracted to positions where they can practice their dramatisation with impunity. Cruelty abounds at this level, which is below punishing bodies on the expanded Tone Scale.

Further up we have the not quite so bad off but even then still in a sorry state nevertheless and that is those people in such levels as ruin, despair and suffering for example. "Oh woe is me!" and "why does this happen to me?"

Years ago when pulling people off the street for an OCA test (Personality test) in the UK, it was common practice to use the awareness levels by finding their 'ruin', getting them to see the effect of this ruin, Then getting them to see what would happen if nothing was done and it got worse, Pointing out the need for change and them booting them up to Demand for Improvement, at which point a course or some book or product would be sold. Perhaps this is still done, I don't know, but it is a demonstration of how the awareness levels can be used on an individual to raise them up the awareness levels outside of actual auditing and training.

The Awareness Levels can be used not only by auditors to mark the progress of a preclear during auditing but by the Scientologist in everyday life.

'AWARENESS LEVELS' A lecture given by LRH on the 27 April 1965
Scientology 0-8

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