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Using the Basics - The Know to Mystery Scale

There are basics in Scientology which are commonly known and used such as the ARC triangle, the Tone Scale, the Eight Dynamics, even the four conditions of existence, but there are others that can often tend to be overlooked.

The Know to Mystery Scale is an example. How often have you used that basic recently? Spotting someone on the Know to Mystery Scale can be fun as well as informative.

As a recap, the Know to Mystery Scale is as follows:

(Know to Mystery Scale 1953 - Scientology 0-8)

In fact it is easy to spot people on the Know to Mystery scale. By there actions one will know them and this is easy to see.

Some people are stuck in emotion. Everything has to be emotional. Dramatisation is the order of the day. Soapies are a good example of this but you can met people that cannot get through the day without being emotional about it. Drop a cup or a bottle and an emotional outburst will ensue.

It is interesting to note that Thinkingness is below Effortingness. Some people spend a lot of time thinking and figuring, "Well maybe its this way and maybe its that." Speculation and wonder are the order of the day. Many TV documentaries are stuck on this level. They spend the half hour or hour simply asking questions, and providing 'possibilities' rather than answers, "are they really aliens? Or just fakes." That sort of thing. In fact when you look at some of the programs on the TV today, including the media, you can easily spot where they are on the Know to Mystery Scale.

For some people life is a big effort, Effort is needed to get anything done. You have met those people.

Symbolizingness is another common level. Numbers have Meaning you know. 666 for example, (in fact 666 was never the 'mark of the beast.' The original number was 616 but that did not sound 'significant enough' so it was change in the early centuries) Deep significance is subscribed by some people to various symbols. Eating has a lot of attention these days. What one eats, how one eats. Diets and health of the body form a big attention grabber for many people. Sex. Well we all know about sex. Probably one of the most interesting things about sex is that it is so close to eating that the line between the two blurs Even in the animal and insect kingdoms the distinction between the two can be hard to differentiate.

Below eating and sex of course we have mystery. This is the biggest mystery of all. A person, at this point, has more or less given up. Life is a big mystery. The Know to Mystery Scale can be laid alongside the Tone Scale. The higher up the Tone Scale a person is the higher they will be found to be on the Know to Mystery Scale. And similarly, because a person may employ say, for example, effort in one area at one time, it does not been that that is their band. It takes effort to chop would but a would chopper chopping wood is not dramatising effort. He may be USING effort. But how does he operate his life? That will tell you the level or band he is dramatising or is stuck in.

The Know to Mystery Scale is another very useful tool in not just an auditor's tool box but anyone who is interested in life and people.

" ... you get a condensation of knowingness. A condensation of knowingness occurs down to lookingness. One has something to look at. And then this condenses and we get emotion. And this condenses and we get effort. And this condenses and we get thinkingness - you know, figure-figure. And this condenses and we get symbols. And the symbols condense and we get eating and the eating condenses and we get sex and the sex condenses and we get mystery. Now, we could go on down south again and say, below mystery we get peering. And below peering, why, we would of course get misemotion. And below misemotion we would get horror of effort. And below horror of effort, why, we would get something on the order of a circuit instead of thinking-ness, you see. And below this circuit, why, we would get incomprehensible symbols and sciences like psychology. And below, and below this circuitry we would get indigestion. And below indigestion we'd get sterility and impotence. And below this, why, we would get unconsciousness. And, now, this is a dwindling spiral. This is the picture of the dwindling spiral and this is the scale. We can recognize this scale today as - in various processes. You might think it merely curiosa at times, but you had certainly better know some of the things you are looking at. It helps you out a lot with a preclear to know what you are looking at. A few auditors have been known to get some results because they knew what they were looking at." Lecture: Elementary Material: Know to Mystery Scale

And lastly, because we can have fun with this, here is a light hearted verse I wrote some years ago about the Know to Mystery Scale. Not entirely accurate but fun nevertheless:

Who's stuck in mystery?
And knows not at all?
Or seeped right in sex,
Turned on by a ball?
Who thinks of food?
And stuffs them self sick?
Or finds a strange symbol
To make themselves tick?
Who spends time thinking, thinking away?
Then thinks himself back to his very first day?
Who uses effort to go along way?
And finds that he's moving three metres a day?
Who emotes over you and slobbers and slurps?
And finds you disgusted when ever he burps?
Who looks all around him, pop eyes galore?
Finds all your pimples and coins on the floor
Who knows without thinking feeling or thought?
The chappy that wrote this, to know this he ought!
'Living Thought' Michael Moore

Scientology 0-8
Lecture: Elementary Material: Know to Mystery Scale
'Living Thought' by Michael Moore Reprinted with permissison

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