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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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What does it mean to be a Scientologist?


the Ten Commandments of Scientology

To be a true Scientologist there are ten areas that need to be addressed. The first is having the information. This includes the knowledge of Scientology and how it is used. The knowledge of Scientology is covered in the books L. Ron Hubbard wrote, the tape lectures he made (of which there are several thousand) plus handbooks, special issues, bulletins, policy letters, films and movies and other materials. Without these materials one would not HAVE the correct technology. This correct technology does not include originations by others in any form such as additions, alterations or omissions to the original technology of Ron Hubbard. The Technology Hubbard developed stands alone and is highly effective when used that way.

After having the correct technology the next step is knowing the technology is correct. This certainty is important as it leads the way towards confidence in application. How does one 'know' a technology is correct? One ensures that one does not have any misunderstandings on the technology. That it is fully understood, getting assistance from anyone who it is established that DOES know the technology and applies it. Such assistance is not in the form of explaining the technology but, rather, by ensuring that one is studying correctly and effectively the works of L. Ron Hubbard.

This leads into the next step which is making sure the technology is being taught correctly. If the technology is taught incorrectly then it will not be understood and duplicated as it was intended. This would then mean it would not be able to be applied as it was intended. So teaching the correct technology is a necessary step in ensuring it is correctly applied. For example if one adds other technology to the original technology when teaching, it is not going to be the same technology as the original and the results will be different to those originally intended as it is the original technology that produces a predictable result every time it is used. One is doing a disservice to both technologies and to the individual one is teaching as one would not be teaching the correct technology but something else.

Importantly the next step is applying the technology. Without application there is no result. You cannot build a bridge without actually building a bridge. This technology produces a specific result for a specific action. If you apply Dianetics fully you will get a well and happy human being because that is the result of the application of that technology.

As well as applying the technology we also have a responsibility to ensure that the technology is correctly applied. Dianetic Auditing, for example, correctly applied, will remove the source of many aches, pains, unwanted sensations and emotions. This will apply in all cases PROVIDED IT IS CORRECTLY APPLIED. This means, no additions to the exact technology (such as adding processes not given in the original materials), no omissions or leaving parts of the technology out for any reason and no altering or changing the original technology in any way. One applies the technology of Dianetics and Scientology exactly as it is given. If the process says, "look at that wall." That does not mean one says "ok, well let's just glance around at the walls." It means one gives the command, "Look at that wall." To some people the distinction may be unimportant, but the results will be vastly different. And it is the result of the command, "Look at that wall." will produce the predicted result that has been found for that command. If you alter the command or introduce a different command you will get a different result. And as there are a multitude of different variations one can employ, one can get a multitude of different results, NONE of which are the predicted result, which, by the way, is what the individual is promised and is expecting. If you are building a house with floors above one would use a steel girder for a RSJ (Rolled Steel Joist - used to support the floors above when building property), not go cheap and use a wooden beam which would not be able to carry the weight of the floors above and which would quite likely collapse. This principle of following the correct procedure is well in use in many areas such as the professional and arts but is more so important here as we are dealing, not with the physical universe, but with life itself.

In order to maintain consistency and ensure a technology is not lost in a welter of alterations, additions and even omissions for any reason, including expediency, one needs to be ruthless and totally unreasonable about hammering out of existence incorrect technology. Of course this is often protested by some as infringing their rights to such choice morsels as freedom of expression, of application and other ideas. The importance of the previous six points cannot be emphasised strongly enough here. If a person is weak on their understanding they will be weak on their application. And without correction will adopt any manner of alterations to compensate and will defend those alterations as being the correct application. And there will go the technology, down the tubes. So knocking out incorrect technology is a vital part of this exercise.

Even with the correct technology it is possible, through misunderstoods, false information an individual is carrying around and other factors, to apply incorrect application of the technology. A lack of drilling in the process, using the tools correctly and a lack of confidence can all contribute to an incorrect application. You might recall when first learning to drive a car your attention is initially on the car, what gear should I put it in, how far around should I turn the steering wheel, when to apply the brake and, importantly, how much pressure to apply so that you and your passengers do not embarrassingly fly through the windscreen. As one practices driving eventually ones attention comes OFF the car and onto the road and environment around them. One has mastered the tools of driving and it is done automatically. The same applies in the application of Dianetics and Scientology. One drills and drills and drills the tools of application so that they are routine and require no thinking or pondering, "which tool should I use now?" And one's attention then falls on the actual application of the technology.

There are two more parts to this as a guarantee that the technology is retained and correctly used hereinafter. The first is closing the door on any possibility of incorrect technology. That is to say, one actively works to point out where the technology has been perverted or changed in some manner and works to get that corrected. The same principle applies to incorrect application. Having the correct technology does not guarantee the application will be correct. One has to have a level of responsibility where, to ensure the technology and its application can continue one constantly seeks out incorrect technology and application and works to get it corrected. This might be by pointing out to the individual how the technology or the application of it has or is being changed and that is an incorrect action. One would use the correct reference from L. Ron Hubbard in these instances to point out how this is not the correct technology or its application and, however inviting it may seem, will not guarantee the results expected when the correct technology is applied.

This is the only technology that will free man from those factors that hold him back and prevent him from being what he truly is. It is a thin line to travel to get to a better, more aware state but the rewards, when travelled correctly with the correct application of the correct technology are far beyond anyone's expectations.

So, following the principles outlined above, and which can be found very succinctly put by L. Ron Hubbard in his original policy letter, Keeping Scientology Working HCO PL 7Feb 1969, will ensure that one can travel that road with success.

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
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