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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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What will you do when you drop your body?

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I used to wonder this. Not any more, Now I have basically achieved OT the universe is my oyster. This is a beautiful planet with lots of picturesque places to visit. Nice weather in most parts (or some parts anyway). But unfortunately SPs have managed to take control (possibly due to the low confront of evil by most of the population, but we will not get into that) and it is being turned into one of the historical past societies where everyone is a robot and at effect rather than cause.

In fact, if the eugenicists get their way we may see a drop in the overall population of between 10 and 20 percent of the population. This means there will be a lot more beings fighting for bodies. In a society that will be extremely restricted and with very little freedom.

This means I am sorely tempted to seek a peaceful society elsewhere. When This body has finished its life of course. Being OT I will be free to roam where I chose. And there is a lot of choice. There are, in this Galaxy alone, Billions and Billions of stars many with planets and many with thriving societies on them. There are even races living in space and NOT on planets. Some are suppressive, some are not, and there are heaps in between, a veritable smorgasbord of life and societies each playing their game. Which game would I like to be in?

But this planet has something no other planet (that we know of) has. Scientology. The technology and application of which that can free an individual as a being. And despite the shadow hanging over the planet, man along with all other life, has an extremely strong urge to survive. All the eugenicists in the world cannot compete with that urge. It is the strongest urge that exists in life.

And in view of the fact that man WILL continue to survive despite attempts to unmock it or decrease it or reduce it, the eugenicist will fail.

"DYNAMIC: The impulse to survive is found to contain eight sub-impulses. These are, first, the urge to survive as self; second, the urge to survive through sex in the procreation of children; third, the impulse to survive as a group; fourth, the impulse to survive as mankind itself; fifth, the urge to survive as animal life; sixth, the impulse to survive as the material universe of matter, energy, space and time; seventh, the impulse to survive as a spirit; and eighth, the impulse to survive as what may be called the Supreme Being. The above sub-impulses are called dynamics; combined, they form the overall urge towards survival, but each one of itself plays its important role, both in the individual and in the wider sphere named as a part of each impulse. Thus we see the inter-dependency of the individual with the family, with the group, with the species, with life forms, with the material universe itself, with spirits, and with God; and we see the dependency of each one of these entities upon the individual as a part of it."

So perhaps I will stay here after all and continue to contribute to and do what I can to assist in the enhancement of Man's survival on this planet.

After all, what else would I enjoy doing the most?

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
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