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Lafayette Ron Hubbard
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
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What IS Standard Technology

Class VIII Logo I have seen much talk and posting/counter-posting on the subject of what "Standard Tech" is, including, mostly, posters views, ideas, and opinions on what it is. The Church certainly does not seem to understand what Standard Tech is when you consider the amount of alter is and change that has occurred in their brand of technology. So I thought I would take a few quotes from a Class VIII lecture number 4 of the 27 September 1968 entitled "Standard Tech Defined", These are fair use quotes in this discussion of what is Standard Tech really is as it is far better to have it from source! And to be honest, I his view of what Standard Tech is makes a whole helluva lot of sense.

So, here is Ron's take on what Standard Tech is:

These are fair use quotes used to illustrate a point regarding Standard Tech.

"Now, let's take it up from the beginning. What does the word Scientology mean? If there seems to be a little bitterness in that ... Scio is the word fore 'truth'. And scio turns into scien in that form, which means truth. And ology is 'the study of, Truth, study of."

"Now, if you're studying truth, how the hell can there be a variable? Truth, by definition, is what is. There is a direct relationship to the amount of variable in a person's life and complications, which are untruths and his state of case."

"So that an OT comes up the line toward truth. And the more truth there is in him the higher his case level - by direct proportion."

"So anyway, Scientology is well named. It is the road to truth. It is a study of the truth. And total truth is total power. And when the guy hasn't got any lies left in him, he's OT. And all the mechanics of OT work out too. So the subject is very, very well named. And that's what Scientology means. It's the study of truth, to which could be added the technology of achieving truth."

"A science is a body of truths. A technology is a body of truths. Now, somebody who can't confront action, or something like that, thinks a truth would be a datum of some kind or another. Well, a truth can also be an action. And the road through all of the untruths of a person, from all the way south to all the way north, has been mapped. It exists. It has been on a chart for years. There have been bulletins which announced its processes. The doingness of those processes are exact, precise! There aren't two ways to do them. There is only one way to do them."

"This is Webster's Third International Dictionary. The word standard. It means 'a definite level or degree of quality that is proper and adequate for a specific purpose'. And that one you can star-rate. Got it?"

" ... technology: ... it's 'the science of the application of knowledge to a practical purpose; applied science'. Have you got it?"

"But Scientology has a very definite body of technical application, which is the only body of technical application in all of the data of Scientology. There are not two ways to do anything in Scientology."

"Now, if Scientology's definition is 'the road to truth', then what are the progressive Grade Processes? They are those barriers, in that order, which keep a person from going forward to an ultimate truth. So if you looked at a normal pc, you might see something on the order of - there he is parked in 'Ditty-wah-ditty'. You ever hear of 'Ditty-wah-ditty'? That's actually ten miles on the other side of hell. Now, that's where the people in hell go on their night out.

"But anyway, he's over here in 'Ditty-wah-ditty'. Now, he's going to walk all the way, the whole route, see? Now, these grades are the gates across the road. One, nobody knew the road; they didn't know he was down there; they didn't know any of the gates across the road. And standard tech simply takes this fellow and he walks him right straight up the line through these exact gates. And if you walk him through any other gates, you're just detouring. There aren't any other barriers on the track. These are the shut gates on his road up the line. And they are the Grade Processes. And it isn't just an illusion. It is the fact. And because it is a fact, if you know your job expertly, you simply go along and open each gate for him, shove him through, go to the next gate and open and shove him through, and open the next gate and shove him through."

"Now, there's 8,750 billion other things you could do with the case, none of which would put him any further along the road he's supposed to travel. But boy, would they be interesting. And anytime else in man's history, all they've done (if they did find out there was somebody in 'Ditty-wah-ditty') is they sent him a little closer to hell. They didn't even have the dream that there might be a road out. So how far up the line do you have to come to grasp this thing called standard tech?"

"There is a guy; there's a dream of a road out. There is a road. There's a complete ocean of wrongnesses. But what has been isolated are the exact barriers to the exact road that takes him out."

"And standard tech, when the guy has gone over into left field, right field, off the road, into the telegraph pole, something like that, also gives you the technology of taking him and putting him back on the road. And there aren't eight ways to do it. And it doesn't require any opinions."

"So the thing that keeps standard tech standard is following standard tech, not anybody else's advice. I'll tell you something ghastly. In eighteen solid years of research I kept the door wide open to any research suggestion of any kind whatsoever. And from the moment I wrote the last sentence of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, right on up the line, I would have been only too glad to have accepted a workable action. But every time I did, it got us in trouble. It might have stayed with it a short period of time. It might have appeared workable a short period of time. But in the final analysis, it got us in trouble."

"I know how little things can change. And what you haven't watched is that Scientology and Dianetics were developed grade by grade. The whole subject evolved along this particular line. And do you know, and what was the clue? And why these became the grades and why these are run in that sequence? It's because they're the collection of those things which, if violated, prevent any advance of the case. If one of those things are out, then the case never goes OT. Simple. And it's in that sequence."

"There are thousands of zones where data could lie. There are billions of zones that you could consider truth. There's a whole universe out here full of crap and bunk! And I show you one little, narrow line that goes straight through it like a shot, and a few gates, which if you open them exactly correctly, somebody goes out like he is on a rocket ride."

"So goddamn you, if you ever mention to me again a question about something over in left field, I'll have you spanked! ... Here's the main highway! Now, knock off the mucking about and get on it. There aren't any questions about it. It just is."

And there you have it! Direct from source!

Chris Black

Find out more about Independent Scientologists A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Tribute
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