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When I Drop My Body

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A short while ago I asked the question, what would you do when you dropped the body? What Will You Do?

The response was pretty much as I expected. Sparse. Possibly due to no interest of course but possibly due to a subject that may be uncomfortable or even unconfrontable for some. The fact is our bodies will all eventually die. Everyone gets a turn. So giving attention to what comes after that is really part of planning for the future.

So looking at this, I must admit that looking at the state of this planet, the idea of going elsewhere where one could enjoy a more unfettered life is very tempting and, in all honesty, I could do with a holiday. But there are a few things to consider when making such a decision.

Firstly this is the only planet where Scientology has been formulated and laid out for use. I do not know of any other planet in this universe where the rehabilitation of a being can take place. There may be of course. The universe is a big place and there are billions of galaxies with billions of stars and planets in each. LRH did mention that there was, to his knowledge, no other technology for freeing the individual. Plenty for entrapping the individual, but none for freeing him.

So it would be difficult to find anything like Scientology elsewhere, even if one spent millions of years scouring through billions of stars and planets.

Alright so there is the possibility LRH is on some other planet somewhere building up a group or organisation and delivering the technology. But finding it would be like looking for one specific grain of sand in a desert. Of course you have the time, as it were. But who wants to spend thousands or even millions of years looking for Scientology when it is right here where you are?

And make no mistake, wherever you go you are going to encounter beings just as aberrated as here (or maybe not quite so aberrated but aberrated never the less) and could reasonably assumed they would be uneducated with regard to the universe and the construction of beings as awareness of awareness units. Of course as there are trillions of planets with life forms you might eventually find some who understand who and what they are. But it is a long shot.

Another aspect to this is responsibility. This can be as touchy subject, as insisting or pointing out that one has a responsibility due to one's education, understanding and awareness, to impart Scientology to others could be considered by some to be cheeky at best and an encroachment on their rights at worst.

"Who are you to say what I should do?" Some may ask.

Well it is a valid point. But it is worth pointing out (since I am feel so 'pointy') that one's future depends largely on how one accepts, confronts and handles one's future. In point of fact, it is lonely at the top. Even being on this planet and in the morass of bank and aberration so prevalent can give one a sense of loneliness and that is even with others around with which one may have some ARC.

Imagine how lonely one would be moving to a planet with alien beings with which one has no ARC.

In fact everything points (that word again) to being here and working to raise the tone level of this planet. Currently it has been induced into Fear on the Tone Scale. Fear of a mystery of an unknown virus. This is the dramatisation currently occurring. Fear one's body is going to be severely impacted.

What to do? How do you raise a population out of the tone level of fear? How do you apply Scientology in this instance? It seems almost impossible. The focus and concentration from all fronts is to be fearful distant and drop ARC. To be less as a being. To focus on the body to the exclusion of everything else. Stay home, Do not contact others, go into hiding with masks. In short, be unmocked as a being and simply be as a compliant physical body.

Firstly, of course this ONLY applies when one is IN and occupying and controlling a body. Beings without bodies cannot be controlled. You cannot insist they show ID when they turn up on your doorstep. You cannot keep them in fear that their body is going to suffer in some way because of course they do not have a body to be the effect thereof so your insistence on them living in Fear is laughable.

Second this can also apply if you are aware you are not a body but just inhabit one. AND are not afraid to drop the body, but regard that action as more of an inconvenience or even an irritation rather than the end of life.

Moving up the Grade Chart and up the Tone Scale and building up ARC with others regardless is a good start. Expanding your area with more theta and ARC. Becoming more OT. Operating as a being more.

One activity that is particularly effective at moving mountains, as it were, is reviving failed purposes. Part of the current narrative is to make people purposeless. To have no hope and to paint a dismal picture of the future. This is a big mistake as it is extremely easy for people to revive a purpose.

Especially a failed one

This can blow any dramatisation out of the water. With a failed purpose revived, the bank and the dramatisation just blow up.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote something about purposes that is vitally interesting and devastatingly effective when applied.

"As Man all too easily specializes in stops he tends to stress what SHOULDN'T be done. While this enters into it, remember that it's a STOP.
A stuck picture or a motionless org are similar. Each has behind it a failed purpose.

So here is a mighty weapon you might say, against the currently dramatisation being fostered on this planet. Just sitting down and revitalising one's purposes and getting others to do the same can make a dramatic difference to where and how we live. It is indeed possible to change conditions. To create a world we like to live in, without the nonsense and dramatisations currently surrounding us.

And so then, we might like to continue living here after all.


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